Meghan Markle's Best Friend Jessica Mulroney Goes Off On A Twitter Troll

Clark Sparky

Fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney, who is a longtime close friend of Meghan Markle, made a New Year's resolution to be more forgiving and positive in 2020, but it seems she may have already broken that vow with a recent series of tweets.

After a user attacked her on her private Twitter account, she unleashed several tweets in response. "Tell me I've had plastic surgery," she wrote. "Tell me I'm not deserving I've the work I've achieved. Tell me all kinds of things to make yourself feel better. While you’re doing that, I'm actually making a great life for myself."

Mulroney later deleted the tweets.

Just a few days ago, she shared her resolutions with her over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

"I'm walking into 2020 with a clear heart and mind," she said. "If you owe me, don't worry about it — you're welcome. If you wronged me, it's all good — lesson learned. If you're angry with me, you won. I've let it go. It we aren't speaking, it's cool (I love you and I wish you well). If I've wronged you, I apologize. It wasn't intentional."

"I'm grateful for every experience that I have received," the message continued. "Life is too short for pent up anger, grudges, extra stress of pain. Forgiveness if a gift to yourself. Make 2020 a year of forgiveness and a season of positivity."

Due to her friendship with Markle, Mulroney has often found herself at the center of tabloid and troll attacks.

In November, she received a slew of ugly comments after sharing a photo of herself in a bikini.

"Note to self. Never ever post another picture of myself in a bathing suit. Only wear parkas by the beach. Apparently a picture in a bathing suit is offensive to my career, some followers, the charities, I work with and my children. But guess what…I don’t care," she wrote at the time.

Mulroney and Markle met on the set of Suits, the USA Network drama that Markle starred in before quitting the job to marry Prince Harry.