Meghan Markle has 'very nice penmanship,' Simon Rex says as he confirms that she thanked him for refusing tabloid offers to say they slept together

Simon Rex had more to say Friday about his one-time co-star Meghan Markle and the treasured thank-you note she sent him.

The actor and former MTV VJ told The Guardian earlier this month he once rejected tabloid offers of $70,000 to lie and say that he and Meghan Markle had slept together. Word got back to Markle, and she was so grateful that she sent him her thanks, which he framed. On Friday, he commented.

"This is true," he wrote as he retweeted the story. "And I framed the thank you letter she wrote me. She has very nice penmanship btw."

The two had met when they both appeared on the same show in March 2005. It was an episode of the short-lived UPN sitcom Cuts, which aired for two seasons in 2005 and 2006. They co-starred alongside cast members including Shannon Elizabeth and Shondrella Avery. And the closest they ever got, the newspaper noted, was a platonic lunch. So, for Rex, it was a hard no, no matter how desperate he was for cash.

"I was broke as f***! I really needed the money," Rex said. "But I'll be on food stamps before I do that."

The note of gratitude that he received said simply, "It's nice to know there are still good people." He was such a fan that he gave it a permanent spot on the wall of his home in California's Joshua Tree area.

Cuts was one of Markle's first TV appearances. She appeared on some other projects, including 90210 and Fringe, before becoming a cast member on USA legal drama Suits, which debuted in 2011. Markle left the series in 2018, weeks before marrying Prince Harry.