Megan Thee Stallion Talks ‘WAP,’ ‘Thot S–t’ With Hillary and Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s Great to See Women Be So Fierce’

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First things first: former First Lady/Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has listened to Megan Thee Stallion‘s ultra NSFW anthem “WAP.” We know this because the pair discussed the impact of the song on the just-released second episode of Clinton’s new AppleTV+ series, Gutsy, in which she and daughter Chelsea Clinton sit down with inspiring women from all walks to life to talk about the challenges and triumphs in their lives.

In the latest ep, “Gutsy Women Refuse Hate,” the Clintons commiserate with Megan about the criticism and misogyny they’ve faced in their professional and personal lives and careers, with Hillary Clinton reminding viewers, “don’t let anyone define who you are,” before the mother-daughter duo introduce the rapper. We meet the unlikely trio as they take a selfie, with Chelsea noting that Meg has not been “bowed” by the amount of hate she’s received, which is a lot.

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“She uses it to fuel her creativity,” Chelsea says, with her mom describing the Houston MC as “unapologetic.” Chilling poolside while trying their hand at landscape painting, Hillary Clinton says that though her daughter has always been a hip-hop fan, she first discovered Megan through her smash Cardi B collab on “WAP.”

“I’ve always wanted to do a song with Cardi,” Megan said. “As soon as she sent it to me, I think I sent it back to her the next day.” Not for nothing, Megan said, men always seem very confident talking about their sexuality in songs and “how they’re going to have sex with you, so I was like, ‘Well, I can do that it’s going to sound fire coming from a woman!'”

Chelsea agrees, saying it’s “great to see women be so fierce,” as Megan notes that it’s her life’s mission to be, as her hosts pointed out earlier, unapologetically herself. Asked if she was surprised by the conservative backlash to her explicit music — especially to the randy politician-baiting ‘Thot Shit” video — Megan says, “I was surprised that in this day in time, when you have so many options of so many things to look at and listen to, that the first thing that you want to critique and talk about is something that you don’t like.”

When Megan mentions that the same people who went online to bash her video and lyrics and say they were not impressed by her sure seemed to know a lot about music they claimed not to like, the former First Lady nods knowingly. “For somebody who thinks it’s terrible you sure have memorized the lyrics,” says Hillary Clinton, smiling as Meg speculates that her haters “secretly like it” and probably represent the majority of her views.

Asked to name the craziest rumor she’s heard about herself, Megan recalls a comment from someone suggesting that she wasn’t really pursuing a degree in health care administration — she graduated from Texas Southern University earlier this year — as Chlesea shakes her head and says, “people just make s–t up!” The rapper also describes the cumulative effect of seeing the pile-on of criticism online and how she sometimes reaches a breaking point.

“You see a lot of people attacking a woman and the first thing they think is, ‘let’s bandwagon on it. I also heard this and I also know that,'” she says. “‘And let’s disregard how this may be making her feel right now, look at her having a breakdown! You put me through so much and when I finally start responding, now I’m crazy. Now I’m having a mental breakdown.”

It’s all part of the same playbook, Chlesea says. “I had to really just learn that that’s what comes with being a powerful woman,” Megan concludes, adding a stern warning. “As much as you come at me, I’ll come at you… but you’re not going to break me down.”

Check out the Gutsy trailer below.

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