Megan Thee Stallion breaks down her friendship with Cardi B and meeting Justin Timberlake

US rapper Megan Thee Stallion arrives for the MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on September 12, 2023.

On Tuesday (Sept. 19), Billboard published a feature about Megan Thee Stallion in which she told writer Kyle Denis, “I feel like I’m finally closing all the old chapters and now I’m starting with a blank slate. Very fresh, very new. I think the Hotties are gonna be so excited.”

Tory Lanez, who shot Megan in July 2020, received a 10-year prison sentence on Aug. 8. Yet, the emcee didn’t focus on that part of her fresh start when speaking with the publication. Instead, they talked about how “Bongos,” a sequel to “WAP,” reached No. 14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 this past week and the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

About the collaboration, Megan said, “It was so much fun! Every time me and Cardi link up, it ain’t nothing but laughs and a whole party… She’s always open to whatever I’m saying or any suggestion, so I love that about her. She not scared to try nothing, and her ego ain’t big… So, I really love that about her work-wise… Friendship-wise, she’s just so real… She’s just so nice, and she’s really a kind person. That’s what I really like about her.”

Megan also met Justin Timberlake at the VMAs, “Dawg! That’s why my mouth was open big! I was so excited! It’s a good feeling when you know the icons know about you. It made me feel good. I was like, ‘C’mon, real hot girl s**t!'” she added.

After the VMAs, a video circulated on TikTok that suggested the rapper and Timberlake had a confrontation backstage. Instead, as Megan recounted in a separate interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” “Kellon [Deryck] is doing my hair, and I got my in-ears in, and I’m telling Kellon I’m already nervous, just stop touching on me. Then Justin Timberlake walks by. He’s like, ‘It’s nice to meet you,’ [and] I was like, ‘No, no, first of all, I can’t hear you so, no… Take it back, this is not how I’m gonna meet Justin Timberlake, OK?’ And JC was back there looking cute! I said, ‘Hold on, y’all need to relax. Wait until I get off stage and then I’ma be ready for y’all.'”

A source told “ET,” “Meg loves Justin.” Megan followed up with a video captioned, “I just talk with my hands lol. [Justin Timberlake], love ya.”

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