Megan Rapinoe shocks Anderson Cooper with coming out confession: 'That caught me by surprise'

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Megan Rapinoe visited Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday night. As usual, Cooper was prepared to interview his guest, as he discussed several subjects with Rapinoe during their 30-minute interview. But there was one topic that left him completely flabbergasted.

Cooper asked Rapinoe, who is lesbian, what it was like growing up. ”I understand that you came out in college to friends and family publicly later on,” said Cooper, adding, “Was that a difficult process for you, being a teenager?”

Rapinoe responded, “It wasn't difficult for me in the moment, I didn't realize it until I got to college.” Cooper was shocked by her response. A shocked Cooper asked, “I knew when I was 6, how could you not know as a teenager?”

Rapinoe seemed to get a kick out of his reaction. She admitted that her late awakening was “shocking,” even to her.

“It's so embarrassing because I'm just very gay, I don't know how it happened but as soon as it clicked I was like ‘She has arrived,’” she said.

The whole exchange left Cooper flustered. He stumbled trying to transition to another subject, saying, “Funniest thing I’ve heard ... Where do I want to go after that? That caught me by surprise.”

Rapinoe has been in a relationship with professional basketball player Sue Bird since they met at the 2016 Olympics. And even though she was a late bloomer, Rapinoe has been a vocal member of the LGBTQ community for many years.

Anderson Cooper 360 airs weeknights at 8 p.m. on CNN.

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