Meet this year's most adorable awards contender, 7-year-old 'Florida Project' star and 'Wonder Woman' superfan Brooklynn Prince

There was one Oscar hopeful who really stood out on the red carpet of Saturday’s Governors Awards in Hollywood. And by “stood out,” we mean stood much, much shorter.

Brooklynn Prince, the 7-year-old ingénue of Sean Baker’s acclaimed drama The Florida Project, has been doing press rounds for the film since it debuted at Cannes in May, and she already comes across as a seasoned pro. Asked why people need to see her debut film, Brooklynn responded, “Because of the message. … People need to know about this, and find a way to help.”

The film, which follows Prince’s character, Mooney, and her friends over the course of a summer as their struggling families make ends meet while living at an extended-stay motel, is earning the actress and her colleagues (most notably co-star Willem Dafoe) serious awards buzz.

But that is not what had Prince most excited on Saturday night. She just wanted to meet Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman was her favorite movie of the year: “That’s why I’m so psyched that Gal Gadot is going to be here,” Brooklynn said, before pointing to her Florida Project producer Andrew Duncan, who was apparently on Gal Gadot duty for the evening: “Duncan, make Gal Gadot happen!” Brooklynn beckoned like the world’s most adorable diva.

As she later revealed on Twitter, Duncan made it happen.

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