Meet Law and Order 's Newest Recruit For Season 22

There's a new detective on the force.

Supergirl alum Mehcad Brooks is joining the cast of Law & Order season 22, NBC announced June 13. He will play a detective on the upcoming season, helping to fill the role of Anthony Anderson, who left the show after completing his yearlong contract with the revival series.

Back in February, Law & Order returned for season 21 following a decade-long hiatus with Sam Waterston and Anderson reprising their roles as detectives Kevin Bernard and Jack McCoy respectively. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim, Hugh Dancy and Odelya Halevi made their series debut.

While Anderson is leaving, NBC confirmed that Waterston's McCoy is staying on the show for another season. As the one remaining original star, he's been an integral character. Creator Dick Wolf previously praised the star, saying, "Since day one, Sam has had perfect pitch when it comes to Jack McCoy as a character who both reflects and expands our ability to understand the law."

Stars Who Got Their Start on Law & Order

Meanwhile, another Law & Order O.G. shared that they're ready to wear their badge again: Angie Harmon, who played assistant district attorney Abbie Carmichael from 1998 to 2001.

Mehcad Brooks, Law & Order
Emily Assiran

While it's been many years since Carmichael was a character on the show, Wolf reached out to Harmon when he was writing season 21. So, what did she say? "I was like, ‘Look, guys,'" she told Entertainment Tonight, "I would love to maybe do an arc or something.'"

She added, "I would love to revisit Abbie. She was just so fun and wonderful."

Season 22 is still in the works, so there's hope yet.

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