Meet the cat who loves nothing more than HIKING in the countryside

Meet the cat who loves nothing more than hiking in the countryside Aaricia Wiesen , 24, adopted kitten Munro last April after struggling with loneliness during the pandemic. The moggy started to join her for her daily strolls around their home - and enjoyed it so much Aaricia decided to take the pet on weekend hikes around the Highlands. Aaricia, from Glasgow, who was born in Belgium, said: "I really really love hiking and there are no mountains in Belgium so when I came here to Scotland, I fell in love with the mountains and 'Munro bagging' which is how Munro got her name. "Because I was living by myself for a couple of months, I was feeling a bit bad. "I'm not really a social person but I also don't like to be completely alone so she had brought a bit more life and a bit more activity in my life when she came. Compilation video*