Meet 4AM Skin, the Ultra Chic Beauty Brand Inspired by Nightlife Culture

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4AM Skin, the Gen-Z newly launched beauty company co-founded by Jade Beguelin and Sabrina Sade, is on a mission to offer attainable and affordable skincare that is backed by science but relatable. Launching in July of 2021, as people were reemerging from the lull of the pandemic and indulging in new skin routines packaged in bright and loud colorings, 4AM Skin stuck out from the pack with its hero products, reminding all that luxury does exist.

With the brand's initial offerings of the Rest and Rise serums, geared towards taking care of the skin after a glamorous night of partying, 4AM Skin has introduced the world to another game changer, Overtime Undereye Masks. Made of medical-grade silicone and ornamented with the signature slogan "Late Nights Early Mornings," the eye masks are the perfect reusable accessory for an on-the-go skincare routine depuff from a woozy evening. The masks boost hydration and plump fine lines and can be used over makeup for a quick refresh and reset.

4AM Skin's Overtime Undereye Masks retail for $16 USD and can be purchased via the brand's website.


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