Meet the 3 Joes in a Sneak Peek at NBC's Ordinary Joe

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Ever wondered what might have happened if you had taken a different path?

NBC is taking that concept and running with it in three different directions in its new drama Ordinary Joe, which stars James Wolk as Joe, a man who made one of three choices on the day of his college graduation that changed the entire course of his life. The show follows Joe's life after he made each of the choices, giving us three versions of the same character. E! News has an exclusive first look at the upcoming series that might help explain things a little further.

"Ordinary Joe is about the idea of how choices that we make drastically shape our lives," Wolk explains in the video below. "My character, Joe Kimbreau, is trying to decide what to do with his life, whether he wants to pursue his passion of music, follow in his father's footsteps of becoming a police officer or choose love."

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We see the results of each of those choices as the show catches up with Joe and his friends and family 10 years later. That includes his best friend Eric (Charlie Barnett), his friend and sometimes love interest Jenny (Elizabeth Lail) and his other friend and sometimes love interest, Amy (Natalie Martinez).

Ordinary Joe

As Lail reveals in the video, Jenny is pregnant with Joe's child at the start of the show, and that affects Joe in massively different ways in each of his three lives.

Get the full scoop in the video below!

Ordinary Joe premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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