Meek Mill pitches new podcast to uplift Black culture

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Meek Mill is ready for a new challenge and opportunity to do some good in the world. On Saturday (March 16), the rapper spit-balled an idea on social media about him joining the podcasting world with a show that would merge his prison reform advocacy work, his lived experiences, and Hip Hop culture. Though it seems like a huge undertaking, he has seemingly already given the concept some serious thought.

“I want a podcast deal. I have a lot to say on many different levels!” began Meek’s initial tweet before he made a casual pitch to anyone whose curiosity may be piqued by what he has to offer in the popular space. “If you have a podcast business moving slow, I can reverse that… I’ve always been my own media, and I wanna join the culture of Black media!” he wrote.

In subsequent tweets, he went on to express his interest in working with someone who is established in the industry on a show that would offer two episodes a month. “I just wanna get in media now and rap to tell REFORM’s stories about the system, let others share their stories, and address all propaganda, uplift the Black culture, stop beefs publicly. It’s gonna be called ‘Culture Currency,’” he wrote.

The Philadelphia native said the show would “teach the level of business knowledge I know from the streets to being around extreme wealth” and would “uplift the culture back where we thrive. I know how to thrive through good and bad, but I think it’s time we used our voices instead of playing circus!”

The Expensive Pain artist’s dedication to using his life as an example is not new. He has long been willing to speak on his experiences navigating the justice system, the pitfalls of street life, and coming from an underserved community.

“I feel like God put me in a position to be the voice for the voiceless,” he told NBC’s Lester Holt in a 2018 “Dateline” interview discussing his advocacy. “At this point, it’s not all about me having the light to shine on my situation. It’s about the thousands of others that’s caught up in that situation," said Meek.

As co-chair of REFORM Alliance, an organization whose work focuses on transforming probation and parole legislation, Meek has been involved in improving laws that allow formerly incarcerated individuals to restart their lives. In December 2023, he was present as Philadelphia Governor Josh Shapiro signed the Comprehensive Probation Reform and Clean Slate legislation.