Meek Mill And DJ Akademiks’ Feud Was Squashed Thanks To 21 Savage

On Monday (September 26), DJ Akademiks sat with The Breakfast Club to discuss the challenging week he’s had—from comments about OG rappers being “dusty” and Reginae Carter’s relationships, to a now-settled feud with Meek Mill.

He revealed to hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy that 21 Savage was the one to help make a truce between him and the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper.

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“21 Savage did something I thought was very dope,” said Ak. “He gave this explanation, he said, ‘When two friends are going at it, if it goes far enough, you got to pick a side.’ And he basically said it was going to a point where he was going to be forced to be like, ‘Yo, are you really rocking with this ni**a Ak or you rocking over here?’”

Crediting Meek’s maturity as the reason they were able to have a “real conversation,” he said, “[21] put us on the phone, and I got to salute Meek as well, because I don’t think a younger Meek Mill would’ve been on the phone, and I think Meek has shown a little bit of growth. I was down to have a conversation with him for, like, four or five years. We’ve been on DMs, but it’s never been a real conversation.”

Akademiks shared that his main goal was to relieve the tension with Meek. He said, “We did have a real conversation, and it was one of, ‘Let’s stop the petty bullsh*t to each other and if we’re not gonna be going all the way with it, let’s try to mend and build towards something that could be amicable.’ That don’t mean we’re going to be best friends in the club popping bottles, but we shouldn’t be at each other’s necks.”

The feud between the Off The Record podcast host and Meek Mill stems from Meek’s claims that Akademiks didn’t show his Wins & Losses album enough support on his platform. In a 2017 episode of Everyday Struggle Akademiks explained how it all began.

Split Image Of Nicki Minaj And
Split Image Of Nicki Minaj And

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“Meek, he didn’t appreciate I didn’t post his album [Wins & Losses],” he started. “However, it was really confusing to me ’cause about six months ago, Meek had sent me a DM — him and the rest of the ‘Chasers — they gave me a little digital jump and a light one. They said, ‘Listen, either post us this way or don’t post us at all.’

Claiming that threats led him not to post Meek at all, he said, “Next thing I’m seeing, they were threatening me. ‘When I see him, I’ma gonna give him a wedgie, I’ma slap him.’ I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t! I think I’m posting them wrong.’ So I stopped posting them. I guess album promo time … he’s like, ‘Where’s the ‘Chasers post?’ I didn’t know why he was surprised I didn’t post his album, but he clearly wanted me to post his album.”

Their feud came to a head in 2020, when the two got into a heated exchange on social media. Akademiks admitted to calling the police after Meek threatened to “green light” him. The issue then manifested on the Clubhouse app that December, where the two traded words about Akademiks allegedly fueling rap beef. 21 Savage was also in the Clubhouse room at the time, and did the noble thing by mediating the argument.

After the audio chat, Meek praised 21 on Twitter: “If you was there you know it was a great start for communication in hip hop! The way 21 handled it inspired me and was a good highlight!”

Akademiks followed up with, “21 savage one of the realest ni**as in Hip Hop. he can call a ni**a on their bullsh*t but still fw then & accept them 4 what they r.. if anybody ever seen the convo we had .. we talked privately the same exact way. I appreciate a ni**a being himself no matter who in the room.”

Watch DJ Akademiks’ full The Breakfast Club interview above.

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