McDonald's customer orders 10-piece McNuggets and gets ... well, not that

On Nov. 9, TikTok user @shawtle uploaded a video in the McDonald’s parking lot highlighting the difference between what he ordered and what he actually got. “All right, man. I’m not good at math, but I know I ordered a 10-piece nugget meal,” he says in the video. He then opens the box that is supposed to contain his nuggets to reveal that it is actually just one giant chicken patty. “I’m pretty sure that’s not 10,” he says in a fit of laughter. TikTok users were equal parts amused and confused by the mix-up. “How does this even happen?” one person asked. “A new level of oops,” another wrote. “Bro that’s the super nugget,” a third joked. Some users speculated that the McDonald’s workers might have mixed up @shawtle’s order with the order of another customer who ordered a McChicken. Still, that wouldn’t explain why the patty came with no bun, toppings or condiments. From what we can tell, @shawtle didn’t confront McDonald’s about the mix-up, so I guess we’ll never really know