McDonald’s cancelled this popular item, so Wendy’s began serving it

It’s been seven years since McDonald’s did away with the snack wrap, but die-hard fans of the food item have been demanding its return ever since. Now they might get their wish, but not at the place they would expect.

Wendy’s has announced the addition of a Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap to its spring menu, looking to offer fans a lighter option than hamburgers, while not missing the chance to take a dig at its competitor.

"There are many who've tried to master the grilled chicken wrap, but we're not snacking around with our offering," said John Li, vice president of culinary innovation for The Wendy's Company in a statement.

It’s a different enough wrap that the chain can avoid legal headaches (Wendy’s offers grilled chicken vs McDonald’s fried option, for instance.) But it’s close enough that it might lure in people who have been lobbying for the item’s return.

McDonald’s did away with the Snack Wrap in 2016. Franchise owners told corporate that the item took workers too long to make, cutting efficiencies. Some stores defied the menu item’s cancellation, selling them up until 2020, but by that point, they were completely gone.

Some consumers thought McDonald’s was teasing the Snack Wrap’s return last year, when the company’s Twitter account made a joke referring to the long-lost item.

McDonald’s quickly shut down speculation, saying there were no plans to bring the food back. That said, the company has said farewell to the McRib a time or two as well—and fans are skeptical that last fall’s return was the last of that sandwich, regardless of what McDonald’s says.

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