May the 'Star Wars' Toys Be With You: 'Rogue One' Cast Critiques Their Action Figures


It’s easy to imagine that the only thing as cool as being in a Star Wars film is getting your own Star Wars action figures. Thus, when we sat down with the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we made sure to ask what they thought of their toy likenesses. Unsurprisingly, it turned some of them, at least momentarily, into excitable little kids.

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In our exclusive new video (watch it above), Riz Ahmed gives Alan Tudyk a lesson on the proper way to handle action figures when you’re playing “fighty-fight” — the British term for playing with toys, apparently? — while Diego Luna, when presented with his Cassian Andor figure, confesses that “obviously, he’s not as charming as I am.” Felicity Jones, on the other hand, decides to leave it up to you to decide if her Jyn Erso replica truly resembles her — an approach seconded by Donnie Yen, who merely confesses that, at the least, his Chirrut Îmwe toy feels physically solid.

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With the holidays just around the corner, Rogue One action figures are sure to fly off the shelves for the foreseeable future (these are from Hasbro’s Black Series and Disney Store’s Elite line). For everything that the actors said about their toy-chest doppelgangers, watch the clip above.

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