May the Farce Be With Us: Mad Magazine Mocks 'Rogue One' in Latest 'Star Wars' Spoof (Exclusive)

Star Wars celebrates its 40th anniversary next month, and as long as George Lucas and his pals have been making movies set in that galaxy far, far away, Mad‘s Usual Gang of Idiots has been happily roasting the space opera. In its latest issue, the irreverent magazine is back at, taking aim at the most recent installment, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — and Yahoo Movies has your exclusive first look at the spread.

In typical Mad fashion, the film has been rechristened Rough One: A Star Bores Snorer, and is chock full of sight gags (AT-ACTs with dog collars and wagging tongues, Sebastian the crab from Little Mermaid on the Scarif beach, Ewok headphones on one of the Rebels) along with the requisite jokes on the film’s storyline (“if we don’t beam up those plans, we’ll never fill the 40-year-old plot hole about how the most powerful weapon in galactic history had such a ridiculous design flaw”). Snoopy and George Lucas even make cameos. Take a look at our high-res version and see what else you can find.

Alfred E. Neuman’s merry band of parodists first targeted Star Wars in issue No. 196 dated January 1978 via a seven-page spread titled Star Roars. The film saga provided go-to fodder for decades, with Lucas himself penning a foreword to the 2007 book Mad About Star Wars Parodies, which collected all the greatest hits. And when The Force Awakens resurrected the film franchise, more Mad-ness quickly followed.

The Rogue One parody will be in Mad’s June issue (No. 545), featuring Donald Trump on the cover (see below), and will available via digital services this Friday and on newsstands April 18.

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