Is May December Based on a True Story? Real Events, Facts & People

Is May December Based on a True Story? Real Events, Facts & People
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May December is a compelling drama film helmed by Todd Haynes and has received acclaim for its exploration of complex relationships. The movie chronicles the story of Elizabeth Berry, played by Natalie Portman, who is intrigued by Gracie Antherton-Yoo and Joe who have a 23-year-old relationship. As the family dynamics and multifaceted themes unfold on screen, one can’t help but wonder if May December is based on a true story. So, are there any real events or facts behind this movie?

Is May December based on a true story?

No, May December is not a strict depiction of actual events, but it draws inspiration from the life of Mary Kay Letourneau and weaves a fictional narrative. Mary was a teacher who served two counts of felony for sexually assaulting a child. The film draws some parallels to her life but also takes many creative liberties to create a nuanced exploration of controversial relationships.

May December’s real events and facts explained

The film is not a direct retelling of Mary’s case, but it is inspired by it to some extent. The former American schoolteacher gained notoriety for her illicit relationship with a student. She reportedly taught middle school children and was convicted of second-degree child sexual assault for her relationship with a 12-year-old. Mary was 34 when things came to light and she faced legal consequences for the same, including imprisonment. She married Vili Fualaau (second husband) and he was the same 12-year-old that she was convicted of assaulting. Their uncanny relationship did attract a lot of attention from the media.

The real people behind May December’s characters

The film uses the essence of Mary’s case to present its story. The characters are somewhat inspired by the people involved in the case but they are not completely based on them. By using the case as a reference, the movie is able to explore multiple complex themes that provide a unique perspective on things while not strictly adhering to real-life events.

Is Gracie Antherton a real person?

Gracie is likely a fictional character inspired by the real-life case of Mary Kay Letourneau. Julianne Moore essays the role of Gracie, who delves into the convolutions of a controversial relationship.

Is Joe Yoo a real person?

Joe appears to be a created character and is the male counterpart in the fictionalized representation of the film. His wife is Gracie, and by the end of the movie, begins questioning the legitimacy of their bond, and whether he was too young or not.

Is Elizabeth a real person?

Elizabeth Berry is also a fictional person, who visits Gracie’s town for an independent film, where she is playing as the latter. She learns the details about Gracie’s past and the relationship she has with Joe. Disturbingly, it seems like Elizabeth is not just doing this professionally, but she seems to rather enjoy the process.

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