Maxxine Dupri: I’m Always Tossed In The Deep End, But I’m Going To Swim

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Failure is not an option for Maxxine Dupri.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Maxxine Dupri about her WWE in-ring debut and future in the ring. “First match” would imply there’s a second one coming, and Maxxine was asked how often she wants to wrestle.

“People are like, ‘Are you going to do another one?’ Like of course I am! Hello, I didn’t just train to do one,” she stated. “That’s a lot of training to do one match, so there’s more coming and I’m excited for that journey.”

Maxxine’s first match on RAW, a win over Valhalla, was legitimately her first singles match in her career. Maxxine was asked how valuable it is to get a chance to learn in front of a live crowd, rather than getting reps in training.

Failure Is Not An Option

Maxxine Dupri says she has always been in “sink or swim” situations. Failure, however, is not an option for her.

“Honestly, I think my whole life I’ve been thrown into ‘sink or swim’ situations. Maybe I just radiate that energy,” she explained. But I’m always tossed in the deep end and I’m going to swim. I will not allow myself to sink and I’m going to fight and fight and fight. I will go out clawing if I have to.

“I’m not going to allow myself to go out and completely fail. I think fail is a strong word because I am going to make mistakes, I’m learning. Everyone is going to make mistakes. And hello, we’re doing live TV, a whole live fight,” she noted, “so mistakes are going to happen. But I don’t consider that failure and I won’t let myself have a ‘failure’ moment because this is what I want to do. This is my dream and I’m going to go out there and swim.”

Check out our full interview with Maxxine Dupri below:

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