Maxwell Alejandro Frost Becomes First Gen Z US Congress Member

Maxwell Alejandro Frost has made history by becoming the first Gen Z U.S. congress member, making him the youngest member at 25 years old.

The Afro-Latino democrat won his bid to represent Florida's 10th Congressional District in Orlando. Frost has been been an activist since 2012, with a focus on climate change, abortion rights, gun violence and Medicare access for all.

Additionally, what makes him such an asset to congress is his background and fresh point of view. "The perspective I bring as a young person, as a young Black person, as a young Black Latino person from the South, is important," Frost recently told The New York Times.

Outside of his major political accomplishments, Frost has recently garnered plenty of attention online for being super relatable. Thanks to his recent win, supporters have discovered old tweets by Frost, showcasing his admiration for stars like Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, The 1975 and Justin Bieber. The viral tweets suggest Frost is a stan (devoted fan), which is pivotal in online fandom culture, making young people feel like the politician is simply one of them. This could also be another way Frost inspires his generation and those that come after him -- representation matters.

Check out some of the tweets below.