Maven Saw Al Snow As A Father Figure, Taz Was The Father You’re A Little Bit Afraid Of

maven al snow taz
maven al snow taz
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Maven reflects on his Tough Enough “dads”.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Maven, who did a “word association” round about his Tough Enough castmates. Maven was asked to describe Al Snow and Taz, who were two of his coaches on the series.

Maven has stayed in contact with Snow, who can be seen on the Netflix series Wrestlers. He called Snow a father figure and praised how the new documentary came across.

“Father figure. Have you watched Wrestlers on Netflix? I binged it. I think it took me probably two days to get through them all. And I’m texting Al the whole time. And I think Al, he’s a father figure. You can see it on there as well,” Maven explained.

“I liked that show because they told an accurate depiction of what life is like for guys that are one step away from being in the big time. The indy guys are farther away from being to the big show. OVW guys, they’re a lot closer,” he noted. “A lot of those people can be called up at any time.”

A good household

As for Taz, Maven said he also saw fatherly qualities in him… although he was a bit more intimidating than Snow.

“Intimidating, aggressive. Taz was the trainer that we had that set the tone. Al was more of a father figure. Taz was the father figure that you’re kind of a little bit afraid of. I think in any good household. You have that loving figure for most households, usually, it’s the mother. And then you have that parental figure that you kind of have to fear a little bit,” Maven stated. “Which is what makes you come home before curfew, which is what makes you not sneak out of your house and have a little healthy dose of fear; Taz was that for us.”

You can watch our full interview with Maven below:

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