Who Is Matty Healy’s Girlfriend, Gabbriette Bechtel?

matty healy and gabbriette bechtel
Who Is Matty Healy’s Partner, Gabbriette Bechtel?Getty Images
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Matty Healy may be the frontman of The 1975, but right now he’s on everyone’s mind because of his brief, but highly-publicized relationship with Taylor Swift. In case you’ve forgotten, the two had a whirlwind tryst shortly after it was revealed that Swift and her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, had called it quits. And now that Swift’s eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department (and its secret second half, The Anthology), is finally out, fans are theorizing that many of the songs are secretly about Healy.

Of course, Swift is now in a well-documented relationship with NFL tight end Travis Kelce, and her short romance with Healy seems far in the rearview. As for the 1975 singer, he’s in his own new relationship as well, with model and musician Gabbriette Bechtel.

Healy and Bechtel have made a few public appearances together, and they’ve been linked since the fall of 2023. So who exactly is Bechtel, and how did they meet? Here’s everything we know.

Gabbriette has been modeling since she graduated from high school.

Bechtel is a well-established model, who has appeared on the cover of magazines such as HOMMEGIRLS, in campaigns for brands like Ferragamo and Paris Texas, and on the runway for labels like Diesel. She is currently signed by IMG Models.

However, the star said in 2023 that it was not an easy road to success. “I was an unpaid, hard-working model for a very long time,” she said.

In the same interview, Bechtel talked about growing up in California, where she faced racism based on her looks. “The majority of students at my high school were beautiful, strictly white blonde girls, and my sister and I were Hispanic,” she said. “I was called some pretty awful things. But then I just learned to laugh at it.”

She originally wanted to pursue dance.

Although she’s found her biggest success as a model, Bechtel originally moved to Los Angeles after high school in an effort to become a ballet dancer. “I was convinced I was going to be a professional ballerina, and I still am,” she said in the 2023 interview.

She also told Highsnobiety, “I thought I was going to apply to Juilliard. I thought I was going to be on So You Think You Can Dance and be a choreographer and be in music videos.”

In fact, as one of her first major gigs, the Orange County native was cast as a dancer for a Blood Orange music video. However, she didn’t end up making the cut. “We had a few fun days of rehearsal and started to film the music video, and then I got a call that I was cut,” she told Highsnobiety. “I didn’t make it into the music video, but I did all of the rehearsals, and I think my feet are in it at some point.” However, she did end up nabbing more music video gigs, eventually leading to the attention of modeling agencies.

Charli XCX made her part of a punk girl group.

As if her talents weren’t impressive enough, Bechtel also has a career in music, and she’s released three EPs—Season 1 (2019), Season 2 (2020), and The Movie (2021)—as part of the band Nasty Cherry.

The group, which also features members Chloe Chaidez, Debbie Knox-Hewson, and Georgia Somary, was put together by pop singer Charli XCX, X-Factor style. This process was documented in the film I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry.

In 2019, Bechtel talked with BAZAAR about the process, saying, “We definitely feel like a family at this point.” She also explained how she came to be a part of the group, adding, “Charli reached out to me, and I worked with her a while ago, maybe two or three years ago on a music video, and I just kind of remember her being a light, and we kept in contact. I already had that trust with her. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot, but I say yes to a lot of creative things. I’m down to do new things, work with new people, whatever it is. But I’ve really never done music. And I thought, ‘Why the hell not?’”

She’s dabbled in fashion design.

Thanks to her modeling career, Bechtel has had plenty of exposure to the fashion world, and she actually dabbled in design by collaborating with R&M Leathers on a special apron (which was first available in the fall of 2023, but might be getting a restock, as the website currently notes the product is “coming soon”).

A link to the apron can be found in the bio of Bechtel’s Instagram, and when you visit the product listing, it reads: “Leather apron designed in collaboration with Gabbriette. Made with a supple and sturdy cowhide this piece is both practical and aesthetic. Style falls to the mid thigh and has belted detail which is fully adjustable on both the waist and neck. Features a heart pocket with silver tone stud detail.”

Oh, and she loves cooking.

Scroll through Bechtel’s Instagram, and in between the many modeling photos, you might find a cooking video here and there, because the model loves to play home chef.

“We ate dinner together as a family every single night, so there was always a fresh meal. We never had takeout,” she told Highsnobiety about first developing her love for food. “We had a lot of Bon Appétit magazines lying around, so [my mother] would always try new recipes. I would come home and she’d have it open and be like, ‘I’m making this tonight,’ and she’d nail it. I would help her prep, so I grew up with my mom testing out stuff.”

During the pandemic, a few of Bechtel’s cooking videos started to go viral, including one where she remade Erewhon’s beloved vegan blackout cake. You can find the model’s recipe here.

She likely met Matty through matchmaking.

Although it’s unclear how exactly the musical pair met, some outlets like The List and Grazia Daily have theorized that the couple were introduced by Charli XCX.

Due to Bechtel’s close relationship with the “Break the Rules” singer, it’s suggested that she was probably introduced to Healy through her, because she’s engaged to The 1975 drummer George Daniel (a band in which Healy is the frontman).

The two were first connected in September 2023, when they were spotted kissing in New York. That same month, the pair were spotted at a few Fashion Week events, and Bechtel even shared a video to her Instagram Story from one of Healy’s concerts.

When asked about internet trolls who leave comments based on her relationship with Healy, the model said, “I don’t give a shit. I think it’s hilarious. Go for it. Have fun. People have a lot to say...You don’t know me at all.”

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