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What big day will What We Do in the Shadows celebrate? What “factors” led to Mom‘s end? What Christmas gift awaits Magnum P.I. fans? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.(Email any brand-new Qs to

Any Nandor-related What We Do in the Shadows scoop? — Katie H.
Bat! is one well-timed question, Katie, because this Thursday’s episode commemorates Nandor’s Accession Day (the day he rose to power in his country). Typically, the roommates (led by an overexcited Colin Robinson) throw him a big celebration, but this year is a bit different because of something Nandor is struggling with….

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I’m still perturbed about CBS cancelling Mom. Did we ever find out why that happened? –Dee
Back in March, Mom star Allison Janney ventured there were “many reasons behind it — most of them probably money.” And my recent talk with CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl seemed to echo that. “Shows come to the end of a life cycle at some point, and it typically has to do with a lot of factors, many of which the audience doesn’t see,” he said. “Creatively it was a tremendous show, and it was still doing well for us, no question. But it also has to do with finding room for new shows and making sure you have a good financial balance on your schedule.”

The Good Doctor 5x03
The Good Doctor 5x03

Any Good Doctor scoop on Shaun and Lea? In Season 4, Lea revealed to Shaun that she was married. Are there any plans for her ex-husband to appear in a Season 5 episode? –Steve

“I can’t say no for sure, but we don’t have any immediate plans for that,” executive producer David Shore tells TVLine. “But that’s an interesting idea… I like the way your readers think!”

Can we get any hints on college decisions/future plans for some of the All American characters? Especially the ones who don’t play sports? –M.
Let’s talk Asher, who was a football player until the devastating finale reveal that he has a heart condition preventing him from playing the sport again. “When you lose something you love, it really is a loss. We’re going to see Asher go through those stages of grief… [We’ll see] what the new path is, and hope that in the process of grieving, that path doesn’t get jeopardized,” showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll says, noting that Asher has also emotionally matured quite a bit since we first met him. “That Asher processes grief and loss a little differently than Season 1 Asher would have,” she hints.

Will this season of NCIS: Los Angeles explore more than before — whether by flashbacks or other ways — the backstory of the character Marty Deeks? –Tony
“We’ve never done the ‘Deeks, M’ episode,” showrunner R. Scott Gemmill acknowledges. “We haven’t really settled on what we want to do yet, and because it’s taken us this long, now it feels a lot more pressured to do it in such a way that the fans feel like the wait was worth it.” That said, Gemmill wasn’t bullish on it happening this season: “We’ve got a lot on our plate this year, to be honest.”

Conners Becky Mikey
Conners Becky Mikey

Are The Conners‘ Becky and Mikey going to become more than just friends with benefits? I really wanted see Becky get together with Emilio. –Claire

“We really love Mikey and Becky together, but we’ll see what happens with them” as Becky continues to navigate her newfound sobriety, executive producer Bruce Helford recently told TVLine. As for Becky’s baby daddy, fellow EP Dave Caplan confirmed that Emilio will be back, and he “makes her think about her future a little differently.”

Do you have any scoops on Fear the Walking Dead? Especially about Alicia? –Jo
Though the focus of Sunday’s Season 7 premiere of the AMC drama (9/8c) is Strand and his new place in the post-apocalyptic pecking order, Alicia’s presence looms large over “The Beacon.” Very quickly, the show establishes its awareness that viewers want to know the fate of the heroine, who was frustratingly MIA from the Season 6 finale and is one of only three Season 1 regulars to still have a pulse.

Magnum Rick
Magnum Rick

Enjoyed the scoop you recently gave us about Magnum P.I.‘s Rick. Is there any other info you can share on this season? –Mike

Well, speaking of Rick, Zachary Knighton is writing an episode this season, and it should land in mid-April. Very unrelated bonus scoop: Magnum Santa, Higgins elf.

I was digging Chicago Med’s Crockett/Natalie pairing. Anything good coming up for him even though she’s gone? –Allyson
As viewers have started to see this season, Crockett is “questioning what his future is. Does he want to specialize? What is the future after Natalie? So we really will see him contemplating that and, essentially, making a change,” executive producer Diane Frolov tells TVLine. Adds EP Andrew Schneider: “He’s going to be a much more grounded character now. He’s going to be looking to really set down roots in Chicago and build another kind of career in medicine.” Plus, Crockett is “going to find a very interesting new romance,” Schneider teases. Hmm, could it be with mentee Vanessa? Or is that a red herring?

On Chicago Med, how is Ethan’s recovery from his gun shot wound gonna effect his ability to be a doctor? Is there a chance he won’t fully recover? –Meredith
“It will affect his ability to do emergency medicine, which requires strength and dexterity and speed, and that’ll be part of his recovery,” executive producer Andrew Schneider previews. Adds EP Diane Frolov: “We have a couple of episodes devoted to his physical recovery, and then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

Angelyne Rossum Peacock
Angelyne Rossum Peacock

Any updates on Angelyne? –Liam

Peacock’s biographical series about the singer/actress/billboard queen, starring Shameless‘ Emmy Rossum, is on track to premiere next year.

Scoop on Titans? –Arthur
For one, you won’t believe what animal Gar turns himself into this this Thursday. Also, Blackfire pays a visit to the government wonk who had been keeping her prisoner — with surprising results.

New Amsterdam Bloom
New Amsterdam Bloom

I heard that Bloom’s mom is coming back on New Amsterdam. Do you have anything on that? –Dollaya

Lauren’s mom (played by Gina Gershon) will, indeed, return, and she’s going to meet her daughter’s girlfriend Leyla! “It’s not going to go well,” showrunner David Schulner teases. “She’s going to cause some fireworks, but that’s kind of the fun of Bloom’s family always, you know, throwing things in disarray.”

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