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Matthew McConaughey on running for Texas governor: 'It's a very honorable consideration'

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AUSTIN, TEXAS - DECEMBER 03:  University of Texas Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the new University of Texas event facility, the
Matthew McConaughey — at a groundbreaking ceremony at University of Texas in Austin in 2019 — is is "considering" a run for office. He's just trying to decide if he'd be more helpful in office or as a "free agent." (Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey is addressing a potential run for office.

The actor spoke with the Today show's Al Roker, who was in Texas reporting on the state's recovery from historic winter storms, about talk — including the star's own speculation — that he's considering running for governor of the state.

"It's a very honorable consideration," the Oscar winner, 51, said. "So am I considering that? Sure. It's a great thing and an honorable thing to be able to consider."

The father of three continued, "What I've got to choose for myself is: I want to get into a leadership role in the next chapter of my life. Now, what role am I going to be most useful in? I don't know that that's in a political position or if that's me as a free agent. So that's something I'm personally working on is: What is my position of most use in a leadership role."

During the segment, McConaughey, whose Just Keep Livin' Foundation has been helping Texans amid storm recovery, visited a 93-year-old woman the star and his family bonded with several years ago while delivering Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

"I'd vote for him," she said confidently.

McConaughey said the only announcement he was officially making is that on March 21 he's holding a benefit for Texans recovering from the storms on his YouTube channel. It's called We're Texas and will feature appearances by Chip and Joanna Gaines, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, Willie Nelson and more.

This week, McConaughey also spoke to his hometown Longview News-Journal about politics — and being in the middle with Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other.

"I’ve said this analogy a few [times] before, but someone told me, 'There ain’t nothing in the middle but dead armadillos and yellow lines,'" he said. "I said, 'Well, I’m walking right down the yellow lines, right in the middle of the highway right now. And the armadillos are free having a great time, because right now, both sides are so far to the right or the left, there aren’t even tires on the pavement.' So I think, going in, to think Democrat or Republican or one of the other, is small thinking now and even becoming unconstitutional because you’re supposed to serve the American people or the people of your state."

He said due to the parties, politicians often take office and "your hands are tied in a lot of ways." And when politicians do enact change, it's often not permanent.

"With politics, you can go and put some Band-Aids on some things for four years but once your out those Band-Aids can be ripped back off so what change do you really make? For me, I need politics to define its purpose before I would choose it as a possible lane for me to pursue," he said.

For now, he said he's standing in the middle of both parties — and that's where he'll remain.

"That’s what I’m saying now when I say, 'Hey I’ll meet you in the middle, I dare you.' It’s a dare now. It's not a place of the gray colors of compromise or riding the fence. No. It’s a daring wild pace to go right now — in the middle," McConaughey said. "And, if you’re illegitimizing the opposing side completely you’re only serving half anyway."

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