Matthew Brown: What this hard head needs ...

Nov. 3—A special shout out to the Band of the Braves and the fine halftime show at Baldwin High football games.

Your Baldwin High Braves reporter gets the best seat in the house for the performance, sitting among a sea of xylophones (there may be different names for different ones, but, what are you going to do, I'm going to stick with xylos). There are various other non-drum percussion instruments in the set, much like on The Doobie Brothers' stage in Macon a couple of months ago. There's the standard drum kit and next to that a kit with various other items to keep up the beat.

The highlight at the Braves Stadium show, though, is when somebody bangs the medium-sized gong, but then out comes a little silver geometric shape with a 'ting' sound that I am sure can only be heard by myself and colleague Gil Pound on the same bench.

My message then is this: I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more triangle!

There was John Popper's harmonica. Vanessa Collier's (slow down heart) saxophone. Great Deep Roots memories.

But what do these ears for good music crave? More triangle! I may have to hit that gong myself if I don't get more triangle.

I may have to take that gong with me to any Georgia men's basketball games in the Southeastern Conference this season and put the misery to an early end.

----Here's a little more about the debate on which Atlanta Braves baseball team of the last three years was truly the best.

I am still seeing people with hats and other gear commemorating the 2021 World Series championship. Funny, but I don't see anything on anyone about National League Eastern Division titles from 2022 or 2023. Is there some kind of T-shirt listing all of the offensive accomplishments of the past six months?

Me, I do like to find that unique item nobody else might have. For most Georgia fans, I would assume it's all about the nationals. They are waiting only for the national championship merchandise. Not even SEC titles are worth commemorating.

But I found something out of the ordinary in a rare visit to the Classic City late last year. The purpose of the trip was to go to a basketball game at Stegeman Coliseum, and that's a great opportunity to visit the Bookstore on campus, because you might need to find a hard hat. Not just for all those construction sites you will walk past, but, you know, Stegeman ...

While there, I found, at discounted prices, both a T for last year's Georgia-Tennessee game and the Bulldogs winning the 2023 SEC Eastern Division championship. That's exactly what I am looking for, outside the Coliseum thinking (because it's so much safer).

Well what do you know. There are some Braves postseason merchandise to be found through online shops. You could pay full price now (with free shipping if you find the right deal) or wait a while until one shows up at a local thrift store (true story, found a great red UGA collared shirt I can wear to work in one for $9, take that Bookstore).

Ah, here's one! Let's see what else is on the rack with a sports theme. Look, the 2023 LIV Golf team champions. Hmmm, the 2018 U.S. Olympic men's curling gold medalists (I knew I'd get another good joke in on that). What's this? Maroon and gold with a collar. 'Central Michigan football staff?' Complete with sideline pass to Spartan Stadium, Sept. 1, 2023. What? No Groucho glasses with the fake mustache and eyebrows?

By the way, my little great-nephew Atlas, age 1, asked if we could put off Halloween to today. He wants to be on the sideline for the Tennessee-Connecticut game in his Smokey X costume. I thought he looked cuter as UGA XI, but it's his choice. What he needs a handycam for I have no idea.

(If at all possible, give pet adoption a try through the Animal Rescue Foundation in Milledgeville. Two puppies went to nice new homes just last week. Donations of any kind are also in great need. ARF is a little red building at 711 S. Wilkinson St., and more information is available at