Mattel’s New BARBIE Doll Set Celebrates ‘Women in Film’

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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie turned the iconic toy into a record-setting box office hit. Now the movie has inspired a new collection of the iconic toys. In the best spirit of Barbieland, Mattel is celebrating the professionals who bring cinema to life with a new film collection of dolls. Check out the latest line of Barbie dolls which celebrate “Women in Film.”

Four different Barbie dolls with accessories on display from Mattel's Women in Film collection

Mattel’s newest “Barbie Career Of the Year” set (which we first heard about at Variety) celebrates four different jobs in the film industry. The Women in Film Barbie collection includes figures for a Studio Executive, Director, Cinematographer, and Movie Star. Each toy also comes with a distinct ensemble and appropriate accessories. The Studio Executive Barbie comes with gold sunglasses and a cellphone. Director Barbie carries a film script and wears a viewfinder and headset. Meanwhile, her cinematographer holds a camera and clapboard. And the glamorous, award-winning Movie Star Barbie sports a pearl necklace and holds a golden statue.

Four different Barbie dolls with accessories in the box from Mattel's Women in Film collection

We’re not saying Margot Robbie absolutely must show up to the Oscars in that exact same Movie Star Barbie outfit. We’re just saying it will be pretty amazing if she does.

Mattel says this collection is for kids three and up. Obviously a whole lot of adults will the Women in Flim Barbie collection, too. At It is available only to Barbie Signature members until January 11 at 5:59am PT, and only while supplies last. The rest of us can find the collection online at Target and Walmart. The Women in Film Barbies should also arrive on Amazon at some point. The set retails for around $50 and will likely sell out very quickly, so if you hope to bring these dolls home you will want to act fast.

Four different Barbie dolls with accessories floating above their heads on display from Mattel's Women in Film collection

The collection is the latest in the toy company’s “Career of the Year” franchise. Since 2010 it has honored more than 250 professions. Mattel also has an entire line of (mostly sold out) Barbie movie Barbie dolls, as well.

That’s a whole lot of dolls inspired by a movie inspired by those very same dolls. Forget Barbenheimer and Christopher Nolan’s latest movie. This Barbie set is working hard to make Barbception a reality.