Matt Cardona Met A New Low For Airport Autograph Stalkers

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Matt Cardona has run into a lot of different autograph hounds at the airport. He says one of his most recent experiences has reached a new low.

On the latest episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Matt Cardona spoke about a crazy autograph hound situation at the airport that he recently encountered.

“This past week, I went to NWA 75. I wrestled Major Bendy man himself, Ricky Morton,” Cardona began. “When I landed — you always deal with the autograph hounds, and it’s fine. Someone wants a picture, sure. Someone had a trading card that even I think they were scared to death of me. They showed me their phone that they were listening to the podcast, and then I signed it.

“Then some guy comes up to me with something I’ve never seen before. Now I’ve seen the flat Funko boxes taped to a board,” Cardona noted. “I’ve seen that. But what I’m about to describe I’ve never seen before. It was just windows to Funko boxes taped to a board. Just windows. I later found out it’s a thing.”

Cardona said this new practice sees people buy a random Funko, and they will peel off the window to get signed. They will then put the signed window back in a new box, essentially customizing it and destroying the package.

Something didn’t pass the smell test

“And before I even knew what the hell is going on, something didn’t smell right. I smell collusion, and I smelled it real bad. So I said, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not signing this. No way.’ And he gave me an attitude and like, I take a step, and I’m like, you know what? I’m like, ‘Dude, f**k off. You’re not a fan. You’re trying to flip this.’ He’s like, ‘Oh, I’m a fan. You can sign my name.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, don’t play this game with me. I know you can take it right off. You’re f**king with the wrong guy here.’

“Then some other autograph hound comes over. He’s like, ‘My daughter is a fan.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll sign for her.’ And then he just like starts going off for me. He calls me a loser. And I’m like, wait a minute, for like one second I felt bad. Then I see in his hand he’s literally holding an envelope full of like 50 or 100 8 x 10s. I said, ‘Look at you. You’re holding all these 8 x 10’s to get signed.’

“He was like, ‘This is for friends of mine!’ Like, come on, dude. So either he’s friends with the WWE talent, he’s giving it to them, or he’s gonna go, ‘Hey Rhea, I’ve got 25 friends at home.’ Get the f**k out of here, bro. Get the f**k out. You’re the loser bringing your daughter to the airport. I’m going to a wrestling show getting paid, pal. His daughter was right there. I felt kind of bad.”

Wild Bill’s Response

Pro wrestlers have been dealing with “fans” seeking autographs at airports for a while now. However, it’s clear to see that most are just selling these items for a profit.

WrestleZone spoke with Chris Bauer, who plays Wild Bill Hancock on HEELS. Bill is at the tail end of his career, so he never passes up a chance to interact with his fans. So, how would Wild Bill would handle autograph hounds at the airport?

“I honestly think that he could be in the middle of a heart attack and he would stop for a picture,” Bauer quipped.

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What do you make of Matt Cardona’s comments? Have you heard about this new airport autograph strategy? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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