Food poisoning outbreak in guest house for Ukrainian refugees in Poland

There has been an outbreak of food poisoning in a centre where Ukrainian refugees are living in Głuchołazy, southwest Poland.

Sources: European Pravda; Radio Opole

The outbreak occurred on 25 November at the Banderoza guesthouse. On the evening of that day, emergency services received information concerning 23 people who were complaining of stomach upsets. Initially, 14 of them were taken to hospital.

All of those affected are living in a centre which houses about 300 refugees from Ukraine. On Saturday, a meeting of the crisis staff was held, attended by representatives from the local authorities. Samples of the food served by the centre's kitchen have now been taken. The people working there were also tested for salmonella.

Most of those affected are children. Some people were hospitalised, but their condition is improving. Six of them are still in hospital.

​​Four patients are being treated in the infectious diseases department of a hospital in Nysa, and according to the hospital director, all of them are in satisfactory condition. The results of further tests will determine when they can be discharged - possibly on Monday or Tuesday.

There are also two small patients in the children's department of a hospital in Prudnik, and their condition has also been assessed by doctors as satisfactory. However, the doctors stressed that norovirus had been detected in one child, so it was not possible to say whether poor-quality food was the cause of the illness.

Three children were discharged today and collected by their parents.

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