The Masked Singer's Group A Final Featured A Stunning Upset, But I Still Think My Pick For The Winner Will Take Season 10

 The Masked Singer panel. .
The Masked Singer panel. .
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 10 episode "Disco Night." Read at your own risk! 

The Masked Singer is a show where the unthinkable can happen, and that's especially true in Season 10. Ken Jeong's unexpected trend of correct guesses remains a wild concept to consider, and the Fox series hit us with another curveball with its "Disco Night" installment. The Group A final turned into a double-elimination, and it almost took out the celeb I believed would win it all.

Gazelle, Cow, and S'More battled it out in the Group A final, and following Smore's unmasking as O-Town singer Ashley Parker Angel, it was down to Gazelle and Cow. The season's first Battle Royale featured them singing a song from one of Season 8's unmasked contestants, Gloria Gaynor. After two energetic renditions of "I Will Survive," Cow was declared the winner. However, Gazelle isn't out of the fight just yet, and I still feel good about her chances of winning.

Gazelle Was Saved By The Ding Dong Keep It On Bell

I was not a huge fan of the "Ding Dong Keep It On Bell" when it was first introduced in The Masked Singer Season 9, but I'm singing its praises now since it saved Gazelle from going home ahead of the finale. She'll thankfully still be in the mix alongside Cow, but we'll have to wait and see how the Group B and C finals shake out to see who joins them. There are still four episodes left to go, offering plenty of time to see what the competition for the finale looks like ahead of its two-hour curtain call.

Why I Still Believe Gazelle Will Win The Masked Singer Season 10

I've thought Gazelle would win The Masked Singer since Episode 2, and while she lucked out with the bell-ringing twist, I still feel like she's going to stand tall as the winner of Season 10. After this shocking turn of events, I'll confess I revisited her past performances with my Hulu subscription just to see if I was ignoring Cow's talent while overly concerned with my preferred artist. After the review, though, I still feel confident in saying this was a case of a bad match-up in terms of song choice and that Gazelle would be Cow most other times.

Will The Masked Singer Ever Have A Live Season? The Showrunner Explains The Challenges Involved

Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg on The Masked Singer Season 10
Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg on The Masked Singer Season 10

The Masked Singer's showrunner discussed what it would take for a live season. 

In my opinion, Gazelle's loss in the Battle Royale wasn't indicative of a bad performance. The Cow offered up a really funky stylized version of "I Will Survive" that stood out over the more traditional performance. It's part of the reason why I don't really like the showdown rounds where competitors are performing the same song. Still, that's a part of the game, and hopefully, Gazelle kept that in mind that sometimes the safest performance is not the one that will move them to the next level.

While I still feel confident that Gazelle will stand tall at the end of The Masked Singer Season 10, I can't deny that this show is notorious for breaking the hearts of talented singers. American Idol fans were likely bummed when David Archuleta was sent home runner-up, and that could happen again in Season 10. After all, this whole season has felt like a big throwback to previous seasons, so a controversial elimination would be par for the course.

The Masked Singer airs on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. This season is winding down, but there's still plenty of excitement before we reach the finale, so make sure to tune in every week.