‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Identities of Cyclops and Thingamabob: Here Are the Stars Under the Masks

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched Season 7, Episode 3, of “The Masked Singer,” “The Double Unmasking — Round 1 Finals,” which aired March 23 on Fox.

Nope, the unmasking we’re all dreading still didn’t happen in Week 3 of “The Masked Singer,” as two more celebrities exited the show in a double elimination. Exiting this week were “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” star Jorge Garcia, who had performed as the Cyclops, and Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata, revealed as the Thingamabob.

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Garcia, as Cyclops (from “Team Bad”), ended his run after a stirring rendition of “Flashdance (What a Feeling),” by Irene Cara, while Mailata, as Thingamabob (from “Team Cuddly”), sang “Classic,” by MKTO. Neither were guessed by any of the show’s panelists.

“I don’t call myself a super great singer, but I feel that I’m pretty good at delivering a song,” Garcia said. “Throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed singing. I did musicals in high school, and I was in the choir. And when I was in college, we would throw parties and form a band. There’s a few times I’ve had opportunities to sing for jobs, but it hasn’t been in the forefront as far as my creative career. But I thought it’d be something that would be unexpected for viewers of the show, and maybe I surprised some people!”

Garcia said the experience made him want to sing more and keep his voice in shape, just in case it comes in handy for another acting gig. “I want to treat it as another part of my toolbox and have it at the ready for when a call might come. I mean, I don’t see myself like putting out an album or anything. But it might show up in a project or two.”

The Cyclops costume was not easy to maneuver, Garcia added: “This costume is huge! The head is giant. And then you start getting nervous and realizing how all the parts are just extra weight that affect things. And then I have to be able to move and sing. But the result was really great. I like the way Cyclops looks and it was kind of an exciting character to get to bring to life.”

As for Mailata, the NFL star said he wasn’t expecting a call from “The Masked Singer.”

“When my agent called me, I thought maybe he found out that I’m going to the Pro Bowl,” he said. “And he’s like, ‘I’ve got something better.’ It took me a while to appreciate the offer because I’m so tunnel vision during the season. Football came first. But after talking to my girlfriend and her relentlessly encouraging me to do it, that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I decided to go all in with it. And we traveled out to Cali and started filming right away.”

Mailata said he’s a regular singer at home, in the car, in the show and even at work. “It’s getting to the point where the guys are like, ‘we get it, you can sing!’ I just love singing, whatever song it is.”

He added that the show gave him the desire to explore his singing even more: “Football will always be first,” he said. “It’s what got me to this platform and what’s paying the bills. And after the whole experience being on the ‘Masked Singer,’ it’s something that I am considering now. In the offseason, do I record albums or write songs? Because it is a passion of mine. Do I share that passion a lot more than I have in the past? It’s something that I’m still trying to figure out if I have time to do that.”

For Cyclops, Robin Thicke thought it was Kevin Smith. Ken Jeong named David Batista. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed Zac Brown and Nicole Scherzinger went with Michael Keaton.

As for Thingamabob, Thicke came closest, picking another NFL player, JJ Watt. McCarthy Wahlberg went with Michael Strahan. Jeong picked Liam Hemsworth. Scherzinger thought it was Dennis Rodman.

This means Firefly moves on to the Season 7 finale.

Jorge Garcia as Cyclops and Jordan Mailata as Thingamabob join the roster of unmasked celebrities that also includes Duff Goldman as McTerrier and Joe Buck, as the Ram.

“The Masked Singer” entered Season 7 with 15 contestants, who have been divided into “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly.” This season’s costumes include THE GOOD: Ringmaster, Armadillo, McTerrier, Firefly, Frog Prince; THE BAD: Hydra, Ram, Jack in the Box, Cyclops, Queen Cobra; THE CUDDLY: Baby Mammoth, Thingamabob, Lemur, Space Bunny, Miss Teddy.

The Season 7 contestants boast a combined 112 film appearances, 15 Grammy Nominations, eight Emmy Nominations, seven Super Bowl Performances, two Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars and two World Records.

In another change, the show’s panelists don’t appear to be competing for a “Golden Ear” trophy based on their first impressions of each masked performer (which McCarthy has won two times, but Scherzinger won last season) this season.

“I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown was the final showdown song, performed by the Firefly, Cyclops and Thingamabob. Previous songs by Garcia as Cyclops included “My Sacrifice,” by Creed, and “Suspicious Minds,” by Elvis Presley. The panelists had also guessed William Zabka, Danny McBride, Rob Dyrdek, Chris Pratt, John Lithgow, Rob Thomas and Dax Shepard for him.

Mailata as Thingamabob’s previous songs were “Wanted Dead or Alive,” by Bon Jovi, and “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran. The panelists also guessed Dwayne Johnson, Omar Benson Miller, Jason Momoa, James Hetfield, Chris Jericho, Terrell Owens and Dennis Rodman for him.

Here is the other contestant and their performances on night three:

Firefly, “The Masked Singer” - Credit: Fox
Firefly, “The Masked Singer” - Credit: Fox


Firefly (“Team Good”)

Song: “Attention,” by Charlie Puth
Voiceover: “I’ve never been one to shy away from the spotlight. Even as a young firefly, I loved to dress up in my mom’s clothes and entertain my imaginary audience. Then one day, my mom encouraged me to get in front of a real crowd: My neighbors. I even charged them to watch my show. And believe it or not, it was one of those neighbors who got me my first real gig. I’ve always been a shining star. I’m not just fire, I’m fly. Showdown or not, I’m going to light up that stage and let my voice shine, baby!”
Panel guesses: Alicia Keys, Ciara, Keyshia Cole
Previous songs: “Ain’t Nobody,” by Chaka Khan [interrupted by coughing fit in first try]; “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” by Michael Jackson
Previous panel guesses: Alicia Keys, Monica, Aisha Tyler, Keisha Cole, Lauryn Hill

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