‘The Masked Singer': The Lambs Joke That Holding a Microphone With Hooves ‘Might as Well Have Been Skydiving’

Colorful, chaotic character masks may be the great equalizer on “The Masked Singer,” but that doesn’t mean they’re all that easy to perform in. In fact, for season 8 runners-up the Lambs, holding their microphones with their hooves was about as easy as jumping out of a plane.

On Wednesday night’s finale, the Lambs came in second to the Harp, who was revealed to be “Glee” star Amber Riley. So, who were the Lambs? Well, as judge Robin Thicke guessed, the trio was none other than Wilson Phillips, the group best known for their song “Hold On.” But, according to the women, holding on to their equipment was no easy task in their costumes.

“Honestly, we might as well have been skydiving,” Carnie Wilson told TheWrap with a laugh. Her sister, Wendy Wilson, readily agreed, adding that the hooves weren’t even the hardest aspect of the costumes to maneuver.

“First of all, you had your fingers spread apart with the hook. And you couldn’t put your mic to your mouth, because you had this big mask in front of it,” she added. “So it was like 10 inches from your mouth.”

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“It was also like, where the mouth was on the lamb is where our eyeballs or our forehead was,” Carnie recalled. “So, it was totally, totally off in terms of placement. It was really a trip. Very, very challenging.”

The older Wilson also admitted that, though she and her bandmates were always hoping and fighting to go as far as they could on the show, the challenges of the costumes really did give them pause, as “the single most challenging thing” she’s ever faced, physically.

“After the first performance, I didn’t know if I actually had the physical strength to do it. Because my calves were absolutely killing me,” she said. “And I just I didn’t know if I had the strength in me. And we had to, like, give a pep talk to each other and say, you know, we got to hang in there, we can do this.”

Clearly, that pep talk paid off, as the Lambs came in second, marking the first time a group has ever made it to the finale of “The Masked Singer.” Once the ladies got past the physical limitations of the competition, the hard part was just keeping the secret. According to Wendy, she was bombarded with people asking everywhere, from the nail salon to a Halloween party.

“You know what I think is really sweet is how people get very attached to the characters,” she said. “They’re very loyal to the people they like! So I find that very sweet.”

So, with “The Masked Singer” done and passed, what’s next for Wilson Phillips? Hopefully some new music. They loved covering the artists they did on the show — and currently have their own cover of a Harry Styles song out now — but they’re ready to be back in the studio making their own music.

“I mean, we’ve done a lot of covers at this point,” Wendy said. “So I think we’re looking more toward what can we do, you know, creatively, and some original stuff, finally!”

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