The Masked Singer’s Gazelle Revealed? Fans Are Pretty Sure She’s [Spoiler]

We’re now eight weeks into The Masked Singer‘s 10th season, and eagle-eyed — sorry, make that eagle-eared — viewers are pretty sure they’ve figured out which nine remaining celebrities are hiding inside those over-the-top costumes.

Let’s start with Gazelle, who returns to the stage on Wednesday (Fox 8/7c) to compete against fellow Group A contestants Cow and S’More, none of whom have been seen since Oct. 11. That’s right, more than a month ago.

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Based on the clues that Gazelle has provided thus far, as well as the trio of songs she has performed, Masked Singer fans are convinced that she’s none other than actress Janel Parish, best known for playing Mona Vanderwaal on the original Pretty Little Liars series.

So, how did they reach this conclusion? Let’s look at some of her most clues:
1. Gazelle made her Broadway debut as a child. (Parrish played Young Cosette in Les Miserables in 1996.)
2. Gazelle has a strong connection to Hawaii. (Parrish was born in Honolulu.)
3. “I’m not actually a villain, but I can play the part,” Gazelle says. (Parrish’s Mona was one of PLL‘s first major villains.)
4. Gazelle made her film debut in the 2000s. (Parrish played Jade in 2007’s Bratz movie.)
5. One of Gazelle’s clue packages included a test graded “A,” as well as a surfboard. (“A” was briefly Mona’s alias on PLL, a role for which Parrish won four surfboard-shaped Teen Choice Awards.)

Need further convincing? Parrish’s most devoted fans (Parrishioners?) also claim that her vocals are undeniable on the three tracks she has performed on the show, beginning with Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited.” Watch:

Do you think Parrish is The Masked Singer‘s Gazelle? And which other secret identities have you already figured out? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Season 10 below.

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