With 'Mary Poppins Returns' Set 25 Years Later, Emily Blunt Confirms Magical Nanny Is Ageless

Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall and star Emily Blunt took to the stage at Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim Saturday where they shared the film’s first trailer and some tidbits about the sequel, including the fact that it’s set 25 years after the original 1964 classic.

Given that Blunt is only a few years older than Julie Andrews was when she took on the iconic role of a flying nanny who saves a British family in turmoil, this got us thinking: Is Mary Poppins immortal? Ageless? A god???

“She’s ageless, guys, she has a great face cream,” Blunt laughed when we asked her about it (watch above).

“She is ageless,” confirmed Marshall (Chicago) on a more earnest note. “In fact we make a point of that. She looks the same age. And that’s very similar to what happened in the books [by P.L. Travers]. She was always the same age. There was never a change of her. She was who she was. She’s like Santa Claus.”

Added Blunt, “She’s magical. She should not age, ever.”

Mary Poppins Returns opens Dec. 25, 2018.

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