The Marvels: Why Is Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in the Movie?

the marvels valkyrie
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Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie showed up in the recent The Marvels trailer, and fans are wondering why she is in the movie. Here is all you need to know about her role in the film.

Why is Valkyrie in The Marvels?

Valkyrie is in the Marvels due to her friendship and alliance with Carol Danvers.

As of this writing, Valkyrie’s role in The Marvels is unknown. However, it is possible that Valkyrie may join Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, Kamala Khan, Nick Fury, and their allies in fighting Dar-Benn and her followers. Given how the trailers depicted Dar-Benn as a very powerful Kree accuser and force to be reckoned with, it could require more than the Marvels’ combined might to defeat them. She could also likely help the Marvels fix their body-swapping issues whenever they use their powers.

However, it is also possible that she may only have a cameo where she motivates Carol and gives her the confidence needed to stop Dar-Benn and possibly open herself up to Kamala and Monica. This is a more likely scenario due to the recently released trailer.

Another possibility would be that Valkyrie might be present in the film due to political themes, given that she is also the King of Asgard.

Yet another possibility would be Valkyrie being present in the film in order to set up the A-Force team, which is an Avengers team comprised entirely of women superheroes. This was teased in Avengers: Endgame.

Are Thor and other Asgardians in The Marvels?

Thor and other Asgardians are not confirmed to appear in The Marvels.

However, since Valkyrie is the King of Asgard, it is possible that other Asgardians may appear. As for Thor, he will most definitely not appear given that Chris Hemsworth is on an acting break. (via ET Online)

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