Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans crown this "the worst suit" in all the Spidey games


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans think a new suit for Miles Morales is "the worst suit" in all of the Spidey games.

With upwards of 70 suit options in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, you've got plenty of choice as to how you want Peter Parker and Miles Morales to look whilst they're web-swinging their way around New York City. Some are ripped straight out of the comic books and movies, while others are original creations courtesy of Insomniac Games.

The latter category includes Miles' Evolved Suit, an entirely new costume complete with a hood, a mask with an open top so Miles' hair is visible, and some very bright Adidas sneakers. It certainly takes the superhero style in a different direction, but it's not one many fans want to go in.

"This suit is offensively bad," says user mastadonson on the Marvel's Spider-Man subreddit, "Maybe the worst suit from the Spider-Man games."

For some, like Spidey fan Ganzo786, it's the footwear. "The shoes just don't do it for me," they write. An equally unimpressed DOMINUS_3 agrees, saying, "The shoes don't do it for me either. I like Miles' original suit, he still had sneaks but they were sewed in & blended.

Others aren't fans of the cut-off mask. "I like it but I wish the hair wasn't out," writes Tabulatelk15, while user Ebin_Gamerlol describes it as "a normal mask with the hair placed on top like a Lego piece."

Looks aside, some Spider-Man fans point out that it doesn't do a great job of masking Miles' identity. "This suit literally makes no sense from a story perspective," says euthanizemeok. "Anyone Miles knows, especially in his school, will immediately recognize that he's Spider-Man. Wtaf were they thinking with this suit."

In a separate post, there's also very little love for the new suit. "This shit was as bad as Uncle Aaron's beats tbh," says one fan while another writes "Just throw the design away and try again."

If you're one of the seemingly very few who actually dig this design and want to know where to find it, you'll unlock it during the "Finally Free" mission in the main campaign.

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