Marvel's Fireside Holiday Videos: I'll Be Home (With Thor? Ms. Marvel? Baby Groot?) For Christmas

As the temperature dips, what’s better than cozying up next to a roaring fire while you watch one of your favorite movies? What, no fireplace? No worries! Marvel will lend you some of its most popular characters’ hearths and homes, at least in a virtual sense.

Now at Marvel’s official YouTube page, you’ll find 10 new hourlong fireside videos to help you imagine what it’s like at holiday time in the abodes of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ms. Marvel. Each gets two videos: A wide static shot of the heroes’ living rooms, and one a close-up image of that space’s crackling fire. While they’re meant to play on screen as comforting background decoration (with random ambient noise, like people laughing and washing dishes, or the wind howling outside), closer inspection does provide a couple of tidbits as well: for instance, Tony Stark has a large heroic portrait of himself over the fireplace, and Baby Groot is visible next to the Guardians’ energy-orb “fire.”

Guardians of the Galaxy’s toddler tree-man is the only Marvel character who actually appears in these clips. Nonetheless, if you’re happy to invite yourself over to Asgard or Captain America’s Brooklyn pad, you’re just a click away via Marvel’s full collection of Yuletide videos at YouTube.