Marvel Zombies To Be TV-MA, Animated Series Won’t ‘Pull Its Punches’

Marvel Zombies TV-MA
Credit: ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

According to Marvel Studios’ Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation Brad Winderbaum, the upcoming Marvel Zombies series is going to be quite intense.

Speaking with IGN, Winderbaum discussed how the forthcoming Marvel Zombies series is more mature in terms of its content than previous animated Marvel projects, mentioning that the show is attempting to honor the tone of the original Marvel Zombies comics and how they didn’t pull punches.

“In terms of more mature animation, yeah, we’re making a Marvel Zombies show right now that is pretty intense that’s for sure a TV-MA show,” he stated. “And again, it’s trying to honor the comics. And what was so great about the comics was it not pulling its punches. That’s certainly what we’re going for on that project also.”

Who is writing the Marvel Zombies series?

Marvel Zombies is being directed by Bryan Andrews and written by creator Zeb Wells, who is also serving as an executive producer. The animated series reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading zombie scourge.

Marvel Zombies originally began as a five-issue limited series published by Marvel Comics in 2005, which itself was spun-off of an arc of the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics. Marvel Zombies was such a hit that it would be referenced in other media over the years, including in an episode of the Disney+ show Marvel’s What If…?