Marvel releases 'Avengers: Infinity War' character posters ... and Hawkeye's still MIA

Iron Man. Check. Thor. Check. Hulk. Check. Black Widow, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. Check, check, check, check. Captain America’s distractingly beautiful butt. Check and check. Marvel has released 22 individual hero posters for its hugely anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, due out April 27. And while deep-cut Marvel Cinematic Universe sidekicks like Mantis and Wong are accounted for, there’s still no sign of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. At this point, it seems like Marvel is just trolling upset fans over the absence of the ace archer. But he’s in good company. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is also missing in action (unless there’s a to-scale version of the pint-sized hero lurking somewhere) in the publicity material released so far. Click through for a look at all the other Avengers and associated heroes gearing up to do battle with the bejeweled-glove-sporting Thanos.