Marvel Movies Leave Director John Landis Bored — but He Liked 'Wonder Woman'

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  • John Landis
    John Landis
    American film director, screenwriter and producer
Are Marvel's movies getting a little monotone? Credit: Marvel
Are Marvel’s movies getting a little monotone? (Photo: Marvel)

Over the course of a career dating back to the 1970s, John Landis has directed hit comedies (National Lampoon’s Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Coming to America), action-comedies (Beverly Hills Cop 3), and horror films (An American Werewolf in London) — not to mention, he was the man behind Michael Jackson’s landmark “Thriller” and “Black or White” music videos. He hasn’t helmed a feature film since 2010’s Simon PeggAndy Serkis Burke and Hare — and it seems one project you can definitely not sign him up for in the future is a Marvel superhero saga.

Speaking with Ireland’s, Landis confesses that he couldn’t be less interested in the exploits of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and the rest of the Avengers populating the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I’m just… truthfully, I’m bored s–tless with the Marvel Universe now. All the superhero movies tend to be interchangeable, you always have these mass destruction of cities and huge computer-generated extravaganzas to the point where you could take a reel from any of the Marvel superhero movies and put it any of the others and nobody would notice. They’re very well-made, it’s just they’re the same thing over and over again. But, I don’t know, people are showing up. One of the reasons Wonder Woman has been received so well by the critics is that it doesn’t destroy cities! [laughs] Even the superhero stuff is on a very human scale, it’s the gods! We’re not seeing skyscrapers tumbling! [laughs]

If the above quote didn’t make it clear enough, Landis’ indifference toward Marvel doesn’t extend to the new blockbuster Wonder Woman:

“I saw Wonder Woman last night, actually! Have you seen it? I thought it was good, I really liked her — she (Gal Gadot) was wonderful, really charming and beautiful. She really sold it. I was very impressed with the girl — the woman!”

So let it be known, movie fans — it appears we will definitely not see John Landis’ name in the credits of a future Marvel movie unless he’s allowed to skip a city-destroying finale. But as for Gal Gadot? Landis awaits your call.

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