Marvel Fans Salivate: Could a Disney-Fox Merger Bring X-Men Into MCU Movie Fold?

Marvel Fans Salivate: Could a Disney-Fox Merger Bring X-Men Into MCU Movie Fold?

Marvel fans are abuzz on social media over the possibility that the Disney-Fox merger could reunite characters from “X-Men” with the MCU. Twenty-First Century Fox has engaged in talks to potentially sell most of the company to Disney, CNBC reported Monday.

The deal would involve Fox’s movie studio (which includes the film rights to the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four) and TV production business, which would leave Rupert Murdoch’s media empire focused primarily on news and sports, according to CNBC’s David Faber. In addition international assets, such as Star and BSkyB, he reported that Disney is seeking to add entertainment networks such as FX and Nat Geo.

“I need Disney to finalize these talks so I can get the f4 and the X-Men standing alongside the Avengers and the Guardians,” tweeted one fan.

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The reaction to the possible merger is largely positive, though one fan tweeted: “Look, I love the idea is the Fantastic Four and X-Men being part of the MCU, but Disney doesn’t need more properties.”

With regard to “Deadpool,” one fan noted, “The question is: If Disney buys 21st Century Fox, what happens to the current (and successful) trend of R-rated comic book movies?”

The discussions have taken place over the last few weeks, CNBC reported, but there is no guarantee that they will result in a deal.

Any potential acquisition would have to clear regulatory hurdles — which is one reason why Disney is not interested in certain Fox assets.

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