Marvel Delves Into 'Star Wars' Prequel Era With 'Mace Windu' Comic Series

Mace Windu Jedi of the Republic
Mace Windu No. 1 cover (Image: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Entertainment is expanding its Star Wars comic book lineup once again, and it's looking to the prequel trilogy for its next leading man. Launching this summer, Samuel L. Jackson's favorite Jedi Knight will return in the new mini series Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic Mace Windu.

The new series will be written by Luke Cage TV writer Matt Owens, with art by Denys Cowan, and take place during the Clone Wars in a story that Owens promises will "feel like an organic part of the tapestry of the Star Wars universe."

In a statement from Marvel, Owens said, "No matter how well trained for battle the Jedi are, having to actually put those skills to use is another thing entirely. The preferred tools of the Jedi are diplomacy, harmony, education, peace. Now they find themselves leading troops on battlefields across the galaxy. They're going to have a lot of thoughts about this. Is this really the way to peace? Is this the position I should be taking? Is this really the path the Jedi should be walking down? Doubt is understandable, but what each individual does with that doubt is very telling of who they are and where they will end up."

The five-issue series will be the third time Marvel has dipped into the prequel era since it regained the comic book license for the franchise in 2015; last year, the company published an Obi-Wan and Anakin series set between Episode I and Episode II, before launching a Darth Maul series in February of this year. Mace Windu begins in August.

Mace Windu Variant Cover
Mace Windu variant cover by Razzah (Image: Marvel Comics)

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