After His Marvel Comments Got Him In Hot Water, Adam DeVine Is Finding Other Things To Blame The MCU For

 Bumper in Pitch Perfect 2.
Bumper in Pitch Perfect 2.

Over the last decade and change, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into a wildly popular franchise that spans both movies and television. But there’s been some conversation over superhero fatigue, and the possible negative effect of the superhero genre. Actor Adam DeVine recently got into hot water over comments he made about how Marvel “ruined comedies.” And after DeVine clarified what he meant, he’s finding other things to blame the MCU for. Because who doesn’t love a running joke?

Adam DeVine made headlines earlier this week when claiming that the Marvel blockbuster method of filmmaking has discouraged studios from making mid-level comedy movies. This quickly went viral online, thanks to the droves of loyal MCU fans out there. After clarifying what he meant, DeVine tweeted out a new post that references his comments. Check it out below:

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I mean, you have to give it up for the Pitch Perfect actor. Rather than trying to pretend his comments about Marvel didn’t happen, he’s already leaning in and poking fun over the situation. Although anyone who knows his work in projects like Workaholics and Modern Family will know that DeVine is an accomplished comedian.

Like so many of us, Adam DeVine has recently experienced some trouble flying lately. He recently had a flight delayed, which resulted in him missing his connection. But rather than blaming the airline responsible for the snafu, he’s putting it all on Marvel. Since they “ruined” comedies, who knows what the comic book powerhouse is capable of?

As previously mentioned, comments DeVine made about Marvel and comedy quickly circulated online, as most things related to the MCU are wont to do. The chatter got so loud that DeVine ended up making a clarification about what he meant, saying:

As a guy who loves movies and tv it’s cool to be in Variety but this is misleading. I like Marvel and think these movies are cool. I was saying that studios (in trying to compete with Marvel) have stopped making mid budget comedies. I miss seeing comedy in the theaters!

While the Out-Laws actor/producer doesn’t seem explicitly anti-Marvel, but is commenting about how superhero mania has impacted the entertainment industry as a whole. But hopefully Adam DeVine keeps poking fun at the viral comments in future social media posts.

Perhaps the reason that DeVine’s comments circulated so much online was because the superhero genre has had some vocal critics as of late. Martin Scorsese infamously referred to the genre as “not cinema,” equating them to theme parks. Quentin Tarantino also expressed that superhero movies just aren’t for him.

Regardless of these comments, Adam DeVine continues to stay busy. He’s currently starring in The Righteous Gemstones on HBO, and also got his own spinoff series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.