‘Martin’ Star Tisha Campell Details Kidnapping Scare: ‘This Trafficking S– Is Real’ (Video)

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Former “Martin” star Tisha Campbell on Friday revealed a sketchy encounter with two men after a day of filming, which she now believes was a kidnapping attempt.

“Don’t freak out, but I think I almost got snatched up,” she said in a video that she posted to her Instagram. “So, they don’t have Ubers where I’m filming and I had to call a taxi. So I get this number, but the truck—van that pulls up looks real sketchy. But there’s a guy in the back seat, right? So when he jumps out, the guy is just standing there. I thought he was getting dropped off.”

The man who got out of the car told Campbell to “get in,” and as she recalled this, she also detailed her memory of the inside of the car.

“This trafficking s— is real, but they got me f—ed up,” Campbell said.

According to TMZ, Campbell was working on an independent film in Brownsville, Texas, on the Mexican border.

“I look inside the car, it’s f—ed up,” she continued. “The rubber is pulled up from the bottom, there’s dirt everywhere, the back seat looked like it was snatched out and snatched out for a f—ing reason.”

Campbell went on to describe how the man who drove the van joined the one outside of it to try and persuade her to enter the vehicle.

“The guy in the front seat — the driver — goes, ‘Get in the car.’ And I go ‘I’m not getting in the car,’” she added in the video. “The guy in the back is kind of motioning his body towards me to get in the car and the guy says ‘Well then get in the front seat.’ Then I said ‘I’m not getting in that f—ing car. F— y’all. Fuck out of here.'”

When she approached the front desk of the hotel where she was staying to ask about the incident, the employee questioned why Campbell was given the number she used.

“I asked the lady at the front desk. I said ‘Yo, who’s the guy that gave me this number?” Campbell said. “And she was like, ‘Why would he give you this number?””

Campbell’s caption, in which she describes the video as one she sent to her brother right after the encounter, warns her followers to be aware and look out for themselves.

“I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones,” she wrote. “As Tonidrivera says it’s SHOPPING SEASON where traffickers try to snatch ppl up!!! If I wasn’t from Newark boyyyyy… If Tony Rivera hadn’t schooled me and my friends on what to look for, S— would’ve been real different.”

Campbell repeated the phone number confusion in her caption.

“Also I am thankful to the production for their concern and their understanding. What’s crazy is I went back to the front desk, the guy that gave me the taxi number wasn’t there. I asked the woman where he was,” her caption continued. “She looks at the number and says, ‘Why would he give you this number? This isn’t the normal number.’ It was a set up fo real.”