Martha Stewart says Snoop Dogg told her that when he goes to a party, 'everybody wants to know how's Martha'

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  • Martha Stewart revealed Wednesday she's launching a new podcast with iHeartRadio.

  • "The Martha Stewart Podcast" will feature intimate conversations with some of her closest celebrity friends.

  • The first episode, debuting June 22, will feature a conversation with Stewart's longtime friend Snoop Dogg.

Martha Stewart has maintained a close friendship with Snoop Dogg, and listeners of her upcoming iHeartRadio podcast will have a chance to learn more about it.

In an exclusive interview with Insider ahead of the official podcast announcement, Stewart confirmed that the rapper and actor is her first guest on the show and even shared something new she'd learned about her longtime friend during their conversation.

"I said, you know, Snoop, when I go to a party, all people wanna know is how is Snoop Dogg? And he said, 'You wanna know something, Martha? When I go to a party, everybody wants to know how's Martha,'" she said of their conversation in the first episode of the podcast, premiering June 22.

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The lifestyle guru also called Snoop her "dream guest" for the new show. "Snoop was really good 'cause he was really talkative and I love his voice," Stewart told Insider.

The pair have worked together before. They hosted two seasons of "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" on VH1 from 2016 to 2018, and Stewart wrote the foreword for his 2018 book "Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen."

Stewart's upcoming podcast, available on iHeartRadio, will feature intimate conversations with her celebrity friends

Martha Stewart smiling in a white top
Martha Stewart.Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Stewart, who is new to the world of podcasting, explained what drew her to the audio format. "I love radio. I've always loved radio. I used to listen with my mother to everything from 'The Lone Ranger' to Dr. Meltzer," she told Insider. "It was so interesting to me."

The lifestyle guru plans on sharing some personal stories about her own life on the show, but she really wants to use the platform to probe her famous friends, including Kris Jenner, Alex Rodriguez, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's executive vice president and executive director of design Kevin Sharkey, photographer Douglas Friedman, and horticulturist Dan Hinkley, all of whom have been announced as guests.

"It's not so much about me. It's about my curiosity about people and what they do and how they've developed — how they've built businesses, how they've become famous or well-known. That's really what I wanna get across on this podcast," she said.

Martha Stewart
"The Martha Stewart Podcast" launches June 22.iHeart Radio

Stewart also mentioned some of the perks of choosing a microphone over a camera. "For me as a performer type, I don't have to get hair or makeup," she explained, adding that her hope is to present "friendly" conversations that offer more than one point of view.

"You can just talk to your friends and have a great conversation," Stewart said. "I can also share my friendships and my ability to talk to people like Snoop Dogg. And A-Rod, and Kris Jenner. I can talk to them in a friend-to-friend manner and share that with my listeners."

"The Martha Stewart Podcast" launches on June 22. Check out a trailer for the first episode below.


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