Martha Stewart Posted A Thirst Trap Of Her Topless In An Apron, And People Are Living For It

We all know THE Martha Stewart.

Closeup of Martha Stewart
Jason Mendez / Getty Images

She's been no stranger to serving thirst traps on the 'gram:

Seriously, she posted this one in 2020, remember?

Well, this week, the 81-year-old icon topped that thirst trap with this thirst VIDEO of her topless in an apron promoting Green Mountain coffee:

The vid went viral on Twitter with over 6 million views and 45,000 likes:

People were obsessed with the moment:

  @RegularJayC / Via Twitter: @RegularJayC

Some of the reactions I can't include because they're NSFW, but just take my word for it — they were highly complimentary of Martha.

Harper Bazaar

So yeah, keep slaying, Martha. You're a queen.