Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg talk plans for ‘The Masked Singer,’ Snoop’s 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, and new duet

Last year on Season 2 of The Masked Singer, many viewers initially guessed that the Tree, which turned out to be Anna Gasteyer, was celebrity chef and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. Now, as The Masked Singer Season 3 is about to premiere right after this Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV, and Yahoo Entertainment sits with Stewart and her pal Snoop Dogg on the set of their just-aired “Better Together” NFL playoffs commercial for Tostitos Strips and Avocado Salsa, we have to ask: Would either of them compete on The Masked Singer?

“I would love to be on that show. I've be watching that show at home like, ‘Damn, why didn't they call me?’ So if y'all watching and looking on it, producers and writers: Snoop Dogg is down to do it,” declares Snoop.

Stewart goes even farther, volunteering a couple costume ideas for her Masked Singer character. “I'd be like an apricot tree or something. … Or a pomegranate.”

“It may be dope to do a duet!” adds Snoop. (Fox producers, please take note.)

As for any other future joint ventures, so to speak, this odd couple, whose VH1 chat show Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party has been a huge success, actually hopes to record a real-life musical collaboration. “Oh, I have an idea, but I'm not going to tell it now. I haven't even told Snoop yet,” Stewart chuckles, although she claims she’s 100 percent serious about the prospect. “Why not?.... I'm not a rapper, and Snoop's not a lifestyle expert, but somehow in culture clash, the building of different ways of looking at things really works.”

Stewart also says there’s one more hip-hop superstar she’d love to work with: “The only rapper that I'd have not had on my show that really, really, really want is Eminem.” Snoop quickly chimes in: “I told you, I'm going to make it happen. I got you. I went to go see him. I pulled up on him in Detroit and I told him so. That's 2020. That's in the works.”

Snoop is actually already looking way ahead to 2022, when Super Bowl LVI will take place in his native Los Angeles. While Snoop has surprisingly never played an official Super Bowl halftime show — not even in 2015, when his “California Gurls” duet partner Katy Perry was the headliner — Snoop now has a master plan.

“I ain't never played the Super Bowl. I'm waiting for 2022, when they bring it to L.A.,” he reveals. “I think it should be Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Y'all heard it, CBS? Get it together. Get y'all money together. Y'all got a couple of years to get it together. Hello!”

“Wouldn't that be great?” says Stewart. “I'll come to that Super Bowl.”

Super Bowl LIV airs Sunday, Feb. 2, on Fox, followed immediately by The Masked Singer Season 3 premiere.

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