Marshawn Lynch Reinforces Beast-Mode Nickname on ‘Running Wild’

Marshawn Lynch joined Running Wild With Bear Grylls in Corsica, France, where the ex-NFL star was faced with challenges he’d never experienced before. As he told Grylls early in their adventure, he’d never been camping, hunting, or climbing — and he was about to get a quick lesson in the latter two.

Soon after Grylls told Lynch about how many wild hogs there are on the Mediterranean island, the two came across a big one. Grylls made a spear for Lynch out a knife and a stick before they attempted to sneak up on the hog. They gave chase after it got spooked but weren’t able to get close enough to snag it.

With Lynch’s first attempt at hunting a failure, he soon learned how to climb when they spotted the hog on a ledge, dead, down the side of a mountain, leaving a trail of blood where it had fallen. Lynch originally refused to get it, saying he didn’t even want Grylls to go. Even as Grylls was tying him to the rope, Lynch still refused. It took a lot of trying, but Grylls finally talked him into climbing down to get the pig. The next step was even more difficult because not only was Lynch heading up the mountain while Grylls helped with the rope, but he was also lugging up a large wild hog.

Once they had the hog back up the mountain and cut out a chunk of meat for later, Grylls got some blood on his finger and wanted to give Lynch some marks on his face with it in honor of the kill, something Lynch didn’t like the sound of. But once again, Grylls pressed until finally Lynch agreed to let him do one cheek. Grylls eventually caught Lynch off-guard and got blood on both cheeks. Lynch, as he did many other times throughout the show, said Grylls was crazy.

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