'Black-ish' star Marsai Martin on using her platform for good in 2020: 'It's very tough to figure out what's next for the world'

At just 16 years old, Black-ish actress Marsai Martin has an impressive resume that includes countless acting roles and even a gig as an executive producer on a film in which she starred. Now, she’s ready to use her platform to lift up the voices of people even younger than her, explaining to Yahoo Entertainment that the perspective of youth is just what the world needs.

“Kids just wanna do what they love and really use their creative minds for the greater good. And for me, that’s all that I stand for and that’s what I love to do the most,” Martin says.

In her latest project, with the creators of the famous “Got milk?” campaigns, Martin is encouraging kids of all ages — including the Shirley Temple King — to share their perspective of the world in a video series called “Glass Half Full News.” With this, Martin hopes that the younger generations can learn what she’s discovered about the importance of using their voices. She explains that she came to this understanding herself as she used her acting platform to share issues that she cares most about.

“Wow, I can really do something like this and use my voice for positivity and do it more often so other kids can see that it’s not hard, it’s not bad,” she says, reflecting on her own experiences. “Just be comfortable in who you are and do what makes you happy.”

She admits that finding the confidence to speak out about certain issues, and to do so confidently, may be easier said than done, especially during a time characterized by uncertainties — caused both by the pandemic and the ongoing fight for racial justice. “What do I do next?” she asks herself a lot. “With 2020 itself, it’s very tough to figure out what’s next for the world. Or, I mean, for America.”

It’s during this difficult period, however, that Martin says she’s learned to focus most on her mental health and the things that make her happy — a necessary reminder for the young working actress.

“Sometimes you kinda feel lost. But being with your friends and family actually reminds you where you came from and actually remembering why you’re doing the things that you’re doing,” she explains. “The waves may crash at you, but you just gotta beware that you keep your balance and that you always keep a good balance for yourself mentally.”

Video produced by Gisselle Bances

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