Marry My Husband Episode 12 Recap & Spoilers: Na In-Woo Saves Park Min-Young’s Life

Marry my husband
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Episode 12 of Marry My Husband aired on tvN and Prime Video on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Viewers have been quite curious to learn what happens in the new episode, as the previous episode ends on an arresting note. Park Min-Young’s character Kang Ji-Won meets Yoo Ji-Hyuk’s (Na In-Woo) ex-fiancée Yu-Ra.

In Marry My Husband episode 12, the audience sees a series of riveting and stirring events. The episode shows that the arrival of Yu-Ra brings turmoil to Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk’s relationship. After learning that Ji-Hyuk was engaged to Yu-Ra, Ji-Won decides not to continue her romantic relationship with Ji-Hyuk. Both Ji-Won and Ji-Hyuk are quite heartbroken due to the whole situation. However, the biggest highlight of the episode is Ji-Hyuk putting his life in grave danger to save Ji-Won.

Let’s dive right in to find out how episode 12 of Marry My Husband unfolds in detail below.

Marry My Husband Episode 12: Na In-Woo puts his life in danger to save Park Min-Young

Episode 12 of Marry My Husband begins with a flashback from Ji-Won’s childhood (Park Min-Young). She reminisces about how her birth mother left her and her father. She then realizes that her fate has always been cruel to her. The episode then returns to the present time, where Ji-Won is heartbroken after discovering Yoo Ji-Hyuk’s (Na In-Woo) ex-fiancée Yu-Ra.

On top of that, she learns about manager Yang Ju-Ran’s stomach cancer, which breaks her even more emotionally. The next day at the office, Ji-Hyuk tries to explain everything to Ji-Won. He tells her that their parents initiated his engagement with Yu-Ra, and he had no say in it. However, he broke off the engagement after getting a second chance at life. As he knew they wouldn’t be happy together.

In the meantime, in Marry My Husband episode 12, Yu-Ra often visits Ji-Hyuk’s grandfather. She is not ready to let Ji-Hyuk slip away from her. Ji-Hyuk has a serious conversation with her. He makes her understand that he has no interest in having a relationship with her. The next day, however, Yu-Ra asks Ji-Won to meet her. During their meeting, Ji-Won tells her she has nothing to worry about as she and Ji-Hyuk are no longer together.

However, Yu-Ra still insults her and questions her integrity. Thus, Ji-Won leaves from there after telling her that she is not like her. Meanwhile, Ji-Won gets to know that Ji-Hyuk and her sister do not share the same birth mother. She realizes that Ji-Hyuk has also grown up without her real mother, just like her. Thus, she feels quite emotional from the discovery.

Later that day, in Marry My Husband episode 12, Yu-Ra discovers everything about Ji-Won and Min-Hwan’s relationship. She also learns all about Min-Hwan and Soo-Min’s marriage. She then sends Soo-Min pictures of Ji-Hyuk and Ji-Won together.

Yu-Ra also sent her the documents showing that Ji-Hyuk is the future owner of U&K company. After learning all this, Soo-Min gets furious. She shows this to Min-Hwan, and they both regret their decision to marry one another. The episode then shows that someone has come to meet with Min-Hwan. It seems like none other than Yu-Ra is determined to destroy Ji-Won and Min-Hwan’s relationship.

The episode ends with someone trying to hit Ji-Won’s car with a big truck to kill her. However, when the truck tries to approach her car at full speed, Ji-Hyuk intervenes, and the truck hits Ji-Hyuk’s car with him inside it. Thus, Ji-Hyuk puts his life in great danger to save Ji-Won. The episode ends right there.

Viewers can watch episode 12 of Marry My Husband on Prime Video.

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