‘Married at First Sight’ Season 15 Reunion Recap: Are the San Diego Couples Still Together?

A reunion to remember! The Married at First Sight season 15 reunion started off with a bang as two grooms confronted each other — and later, another divorce was revealed. The Lifetime show's San Diego cast reunited with host Kevin Frazier, who quickly delved into the post-show drama by asking who unfollowed each other on social media. It turned out Justin Davis unfollowed "everybody" after filming MAFS and blocked even Nate Barnes, claiming his former costar was "fake." After being pressed, Justin claims Nate "made a pass" at him and was hitting on him at the beginning of the show. Justin detailed the supposed flirtation, revealing Nate complimented him at least two times. "Don't no guy compliment another guy two days in a row about how nice his skin is, how nice his teeth are," Justin reasoned. Eventually, the two seem like they're getting ready to get into a fight. Alexis Williams and Justin leave set to get the groom to cool off. They return and Nate remains confrontational. Still, Justin refuses to answer why he unfollowed his costars on social media. After the confrontational conversation, Frazier talks to each MAFS season 15 couple individually to find out if they're still together. Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes These two gave Married at First Sight viewers some of the Lifetime reality series' sexiest scenes yet. Between their steamy shower and Stacia's vibrating underwear, they certainly had a good time. They even got matching tattoos — and they don't have regrets about their marriage or ink. Nate and Stacia are still together, but they aren't fully cohabitating yet. They're living between both of their places, which Nate thinks is a "healthier" situation. He lives downtown while she lives in the San Diego suburbs, so the lovebirds are trying to compromise by spending a few weeks at a time at each place. Stacia doesn't mind where they live as long as they're together. Meanwhile, Nate has finally said "I love you" to Stacia. "My heart is opening up, and I'm loving you more every single day," Nate gushes to his wife. However, he still struggles to meet Stacia's expectations. "I do feel satisfied in moments," the bride explains. "I just want it consistently, and like he said, I can be a moving target because I expect a lot." They aren't quite on the same page yet about their future. She wants babies within a year, but Nate thinks they're at least a couple years off and wants to build their "emotional connection" more. Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein In last month's Married at First Sight season 15 finale, these two split — and despite their friendship, they're still separated. After choosing to get a divorce on Decision Day, Krysten said she was willing to leave the door open for another chance if Mitch wanted to really be there for her as a husband. However, Mitch was clear that he wanted a divorce. They're still on "amicable" terms, despite Krysten getting upset with Mitch's response to her saying she'd be open to giving their marriage another shot. "This is just another classic me not being able to get it out at the right moment. I felt defensive like it was my fault that you'd said that and I was kind of leading you on somehow," Mitch said. The groom reflects on his decision to tell Krysten on their honeymoon that he wasn't attracted to her. He said he was having a "drawn-out panic attack" at the time. Krysten knew he wasn't being affectionate and knew there was an issue. However, the attraction issue was unexpected. "I truly didn't think there was a chance that he wouldn't be attracted to me," she explained. "I don't think I'm Jessica Biel, but I do think I bring a lot to the table. So I was a little surprised, and I didn't really believe him." Krysten still doesn't believe her husband wasn't attracted to her and thinks he was just panicking. Mitch agrees, noting they had a lot of sex. "She learned quickly that I'm easily excitable," Mitch says, immediately embarrassed by his own words. Krysten thinks Mitch ultimately didn't want to be married. When asked whether that theory is true, Mitch hesitates. He still has feelings for her and is attracted to her. He thinks their friendship is important and it would be too hard to overcome their past. His estranged wife, however, has a different reason. "I will never want to be with someone who is unsure about me or says things like 'unlikely' or 'likely.' I know what I'm worth and that ain't it," Krysten says. Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway These two started strong, and no one was surprised that Miguel and Lindy stayed together at the end of MAFS season 15. Miguel and Lindy are still together at the time of the reunion. "I did get the man that I asked for, that's for sure!" Lindy says. The bride has moved into Miguel's home and is working to decorate his place a little more. She has even gotten into her hubby's game nights. During season 15, Miguel wanted Lindy to take his last name, and it's still important to him. "I don't know if it's an ego thing, if it's a macho thing, but in my mind, your wife takes your last name," Miguel says. Lindy has, however, hyphenated her name. "I feel so confident being your wife, so it was an easy decision for me when I realized I was ready to take your last name," she says. She surprised him with her decision when her social security card arrived. Though their battery-operated baby doll experiment was not very pleasant on the show, they still want to have a real child eventually. "We want to have a house first," he said. Mitch explained that they'd ideally like to have a baby a year after they buy a home. Binh Trinh and Morgan Bell These two divorced before the initial eight weeks were even over, and they're definitely sticking to their decision to split. "I kind of regret ending things early," she admitted. Morgan didn't feel like Binh could be her best friend. Binh realized he never healed his "inner child" and needs to work on his deepest insecurities about never being good enough before he gets married again. They met up for brunch about one month after their split and Binh apologized for making her feel as if she wasn't good enough and admitted he wasn't truly ready for marriage. "We're really good friends, but our romantic relationship is over," Morgan says. She's now traveling the world and dating casually while Binh is working on himself. Alexis Williams and Justin Davis On Decision Day, the temperamental couple decided to stay together and almost immediately got into an argument about how Justin felt like Alexis treated her decision as a "privilege." As they sit down at the reunion, they reveal that they actually had sex long before they revealed to on the show. The bride explains that they "tried" to consummate their marriage on their honeymoon, though Justin maintains that they did. "In her eyes, it wasn't very long. In my eyes, I'm like, you penetrate, and I penetrated. And that's what it was, whatever she wants to call it. We had sex the first night of the honeymoon. We had sex the third night of the honeymoon. Like, we orgasmed. Well, it sounded like you did, and I did." Frazier questions Alexis' raised eyebrows, which appears to imply that she did not have as good a time as Justin while having sex. "If that's the story Justin wants, I'm fine with that," the New Jersey native says. "Justin asked me to not say anything." They are not still together. "It's my choice," Justin says, but Alexis laughs and says he's wrong. "I think it was me that broke it off," he claims Alexis says she has screenshots that prove differently. "I felt like I was not free and I'm a very free-spirited individual. And I felt like I was losing myself," Alexis shares. "We still tried to be friends." Justin claims friends don't drunk call each other. Alexis denies his accusation, but he claims she's lying. "You doing that gaslighting thing," Justin alleges, later calling her a "compulsive liar. There's still more drama to come, though. Part two of the Married at First Sight finale airs on Lifetime Wednesday, November 9, at 8 p.m. ET. Season 16 is set to start in early 2023 and is filming in Nashville. Scroll down to see where all the couples stand after the first part of the Married at First Sight season 15 reunion: