Marriage or Mortgage 's Nichole Reveals Why She Wanted These Couples to Choose Wedding Over a Home

Cydney Contreras
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Marriage or Mortgage stars Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller may be competing for couples' business on the Netflix reality show, but the real estate agent said she's more than willing to put her pride aside if it means that Sarah is able to give a same-sex couple the wedding of their dreams.

This runs against the entire premise of the show in which Sarah, an experienced wedding planner and founder of Southern Vine Co., and real estate guru Nichole help couples decide whether or not they should use their life savings to host a wedding or buy their first home.

But, as Nichole told E! News in a recent phone interview, she's all for LGBTQ+ couples choosing the wedding. She reasoned, "They haven't been allowed to get married for hundreds of years like hetero couples. So, I could see where they wanted to be examples and show people that this is normal and everybody can do it now."

Sarah agreed, adding that it's more important than ever for LGBTQ+ couples to celebrate their love, particularly in their hometown of Nashville, Tenn.

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"I think it was very good with what you're saying for them to be out and proud, number one," she continued. "And two, to showcase in the communities that it is okay, especially in the south or in Nashville, you know, not everybody's warming up to that idea."

Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage
Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage

In response, Nichole joked, "Those are the only two couples that I feel I understood why they went wedding. Everybody else, they just made a mistake when they didn't choose house."

Of the 10 pairings featured on the series, Cynthia and Karla, and Alex and Whitney were the only same-sex couples, and they each opted to tie the knot instead of settling down in the home Nichole found for them.

Karla has since told Women's Health of their decision, "Houses come and go, but you only have one wedding day."

Likewise, Whitney shared, "At the time of filming, the wedding ended up being more important to us. We could choose a wedding one hundred times over, though we know the house would've also been a great investment."

That being said, Nichole has a different perspective of weddings having gone through two divorces.

"You know, it's not a choice that I would make again, but then again, I've already made that choice. I learned from my lesson. And that's the history where I come from, right?" she explained. "So that's why I am so pro mortgage. It's like been there done that—paid for two divorces."

The realtor added, "Like yeah, let's just invest that money instead of putting them on weddings and divorces. And I could be sitting pretty right now with a couple of a couple more homes."

Sarah, who has been "happily married" for 11 years, can understand Nichole's perspective, too. She shared, "Those are two of the most emotional and largest things that you should be doing in your life: Buying a home and getting married... I think everybody needs to experience that for sure."

Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage
Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage

But Sarah would also passionately argue in favor of weddings, because she is a "hopeless romantic," whereas Nichole says she's "just hopeless."

"If you're given situations like all of these 10 couples that have a lump sum of money and you can either do one or the other, then I'm going to persuade them as best I can to put down roots and invest that money, because I don't understand why you would spend it on a party," Nichole put it plainly. "That's just my two cents."

Even so, Sarah said that in the process of filming the show, "Nichole fell in love with weddings."

Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage
Nichole Holmes, Sarah Miller, Marriage or Mortgage

Despite their competitive nature, Nichole and Sarah said they actually get along really well. They get along so well, in fact, Nichole revealed, "People want to know if we're secretly dating." Spoiler alert! They're not, but they said they "get a kick out of" the comments they see on social media.

As for whether or not Netflix has renewed the show for another season, Sarah said, "Not yet—cross our fingers!"

In the meantime, Nichole and Sarah shared they are available for all your real estate and wedding planning needs—just don't ask them to compete.

Marriage or Mortgage is streaming now on Netflix.

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